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November 28, 2003

Traditional Catholic Books,
Literature, and Religious Items

As noted by the Popes and Saints, what we read and fill our lives with, will determine whether we live in the spirit of Christ or the spirit of the world ("No man can serve two masters."). Filling our lives with secular reading and the destructive influence of television and radio, makes us dissipated worldlings who do not truly live in the spirit of Christ, and thus the door to our salvation is closed (John 15:18). On the other hand, regular spiritual reading, meditation, listening to spiritual audiotapes, and viewing spiritual videotapes will help us to live in a "Christian atmosphere" in the midst of a perverse world; and thereby keep us on the narrow path of salvation.

Catholics are reminded that Church law prohibits the reading of books injurious to the Faith. His Holiness, Pope St. Pius X, decreed that Catholics should never read, or even possess, books which are not approved by their Ordinary. This is especially urgent today, when so many lethal sources of heresy are readily available, and so many souls are being spiritually poisoned by what they read. This is precisely why Christ established a permanent Apostolic Authority in His Church--to guide and protect His flock from "wolves in sheep's clothing" and all spiritual dangers, particularly those pseudo-traditionalists who deny that living Apostolic Authority.

Our apostolate is the spread of Our Lady's message at Fatima, the true Catholic Faith, and the salvation of souls. To that end, we offer select spiritual reading books, pamphlets, inspirational video and audiotapes, such as those included in the following partial listing. Although some of these articles are available on our web site, you may wish to have an attractively printed version also for your Fatima Cell or home library, since we must change the articles posted from month to month. We have a limited stock of some of the titles listed, so order now if you wish to obtain a particular item.

All "prices" listed are  suggested minimum donations. Please add donation for handling and postage. Your donations help support our Religious and their apostolic work for souls. May Jesus and Mary reward you in time and in eternity.

To order, please print this page, mark your selections, and mail with your donation to the address below.




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Price each


  Love, Peace, and Joy
Based on the Revelations of St. Gertrude, this magnificent little treatise teaches an intimate union with the Sacred Heart.
  Passion and Death of Jesus Christ, The (Liguori)
A few moments of meditation on the Passion are sufficient to transform our lives. This book makes it easy.
  Wonders of the Holy Name (O'Sullivan)
You will marvel at the power of the mere Name of Jesus, that Name which causes Hell to tremble.
  The Most Precious Blood of Jesus  An article which teaches us of the wonderful efficacy of the Most Precious Blood, and expounds this profound devotion. 1.00  
   In the End My Immaculate Heart will Triumph
The five points of Our Lady's 'Peace Plan from Heaven' are succinctly outlined for our practice.
   With Rosary & Scapular
An explanation and appeal for fervent and dedicated Crusaders of Our Lady
   Crusaders of the Holy Rosary
List of the obligations of the Members of the Rosary Confraternity and the Fifteen Promises of Our Lady to those who pray it.
   Secret of the Rosary, the (de Montfort)
A wonderfully edifying book which will compel you to understand the spiritual power of the Holy Rosary.
   Living Our Scapular Consecration
A leaflet explaining the significance of the Brown Scapular, and what Consecration means. Excellent for apostolic action purposes.
   The Angel of Portugal
Booklet describing the series of visits from the Angel, explaining his message of penance and reparation, and the 'Fatima Prayers' he taught the children.
   The Marylike Standards of Modesty
There can be no genuine modesty, as Our Lady pleaded at Fatima, without certain standards to follow, these issued by the Vatican in the 1930's
   Our Lady's Words to Jacinta
In separate visions to the youngest seer before she died, Our Lady lamented the terrible sins of modesty and impurity which so offended her Divine Son.
   Long, Hot Summer Leads to Long, Hot Eternity
The spiritual dangers of the Summer months require a knowledge of the tendencies of fallen human nature, and application of the means to avoid sin.
   Here You See Hell
The vision of July 13, 1917, left the children paralyzed with horror at the dreadful spectacle they saw. We cannot understand how urgent the message of Fatima is until we realize what it means to lose our immortal soul in Hell.
   Cry of a Lost Soul...
A unnerving, true account of a young woman killed in a car accident, sent to reveal the loss of her soul, and the reasons for her eternal damnation
   The Third Secret of Fatima with Commentary
Ridiculed by Modernists and phony traditionalists alike, the Third Secret of Fatima, in its proper context, provides critical insight into today's crisis.
   Fatima Cell packet
All that you need to start your Fatima Cell, incl. material for first meetings
   The Fatima Cell
An explanation of this important means of grace, so blessed by Our Lady, and productive of grace, faith, and perseverance for many thousands of souls
   Fatima Cell Meeting Outline
The agenda for a typical meeting, essential for keeping 'on track' in your efforts to grow in your knowledge and love of your holy Faith.
   Our Lady of Fatima Crusade Songs and Prayers
A collection of the most frequently used hymns and prayers for Fatima Cells
   Previous Issues of the Salve Maria Regina Fatima Cell Bulletin
Please specify exactly issue you would like us to send to you, vol. & issue #
   True Devotion to Mary (de Montfort)
A manual to be read over and over, as we pursue a living knowledge of the great 'secret' of Mary. A 'must' for those who wish to truly live their Fatima consecration.
   Glories of Mary, The (Liguori)
Magnificent treatise on devotion to the Mother of God, thoroughly expounding upon the essential role given to Mary by God himself in our redemption and salvation. A source of profound inspiration and edification.
   Reign of Jesus Through Mary, The (Rev. Denis) hardcover
Exercises of the spiritual life in the mode of Holy Slavery. Much appreciated for its simplicity of style and solid orthodoxy.
   Marian Chronicles, The - Vol. 1
Translated from the original German by Fr. Alphonsus Maria, CMRI, a collection of short stories on miraculous interventions of Our Lady
   Marian Chronicles, The - Vol. 2
A continuation of Vol. 1, a touching narration of Our Lady's care for her children in spiritual and material needs.
MARY IN DOCTRINE and DEVOTION  (short articles on her Privileges, Feasts and Shrines)
   The Immaculate Conception .50   
   The Nativity of Mary .50   
   The Most Holy Name of Mary .50   
   The Presentation of Mary in the Temple .50   
   The Annunciation .50   
   The Visitation .50   
   Mater Dolorosa, Mary, our Co-Redemptrix .50   
   Mary and the Resurrection of Jesus .50   
   Our Lady of the Sacred Heart .50   
   Our Lady of the Most Precious Blood .50   
   Our Lady of Loretto .50   
   Our Lady of Guadalupe .50   
   Our Lady of Banneux .50   
   Our Lady of Lourdes .50   
   Mary, Queen of All Hearts .50   
   Our Lady of Good Counsel .50   
   Our Lady of the Rosary of Pompeii .50   
   Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament .50   
   Mary, Immaculate Queen of the Universe .50   
   Our Lady of Marienfried .50   
   Our Lady of the Snows .50   
   Our Lady of La Salette
Account of her apparitions and excerpts of from the secret of LaSalette.
   Our Lady of El Pilar .50   
   Our Lady of  Zapopan .50   
   Our Lady of Heede, Queen of the Poor Souls in Purgatory .25   
   Our Lady of Beauraing .50   
   Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal of the Immaculate Conception .50   
   Manual of Practical Devotion to St. Joseph (Patrignani) 20.00   
   Encyclical on St. Joseph, Quamquam Pluries of Pope Leo XIII .75   
   Fourteen Holy Helpers, The (Fr. Bonaventure) 8.50   
   Life of St. Francis of Assisi, The (St. Bonaventure) 13.00   
   Martyrs of the Coliseum (O'Reilly)  softcover 23.00   
   St. Gertrude the Great, Herald Of Divine Love 3.00   
   St. Karl the Great, Emperor 8.50   
   St. Konrad of Parzham 7.50   
   St. Niklaus von der Flüe (Brown) 1.00   
   St. Philomena the Wonder-Worker (O'Sullivan) 11.00   
   St. Raphael (Carol) 3.50   
   Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Pius XII 2.00   
   The Doctrines of the Modernists (Pascendi) and the Syllabus of Errors (Lamentabile)- St. Pius X 5.00   
   Dogma of the Immaculate Conception - Pius XII 1.50   
   Fostering True Religious Unity (Mortalium Animos) -Pius XI) 3.00  
   Freemasonry (Humanum Genus) - Leo XIII 2.00   
   On the Holy Rosary (Laetitiae Sanctae) - Leo XIII 1.50   
   Queenship of Mary (Ad Caeli Reginam) - Pius XII 3.00   
   The Syllabus of Errors - Pius IX 3.00   
   Quo Primum - Papal Bull of Pope St. Pius V on the Roman Missal, with other Papal decrees regarding its infallible, binding force 1.50   
   New Testament, The (Douay-Rheims - softcover) 45.00    
   Baltimore Catechism, no. 2 8.25   
   Traditional Catholic Catechism, Study Sheets (specify lesson) .50   
   Modernism: The Enemy Within .50   
   Problems with the English Canon of the Mass .50   
   The Liturgy of Heresy, part I - The Liturgical Revolution 2.00   
   The New Missal: Experiment in Heresy 1.50   
   The Destruction of the Mass 2.00   
   Invalidity of the Novus Ordo Missae 1.50   
   Paul VI as a False Pope .75   
   Which is the True Voice of Vatican II: John Paul II or Cardinal Ratzinger? 2.00   
   John Paul II Calls for World Peace Excluding Christ 2.00   
   Marcel Lefebvre: Phony Traditionalist .75   
   Was Cardinal Lienart a Mason? .50   
   Who is the Greatest Cult Leader of All Time? .50   
   Americanism Series: "The Star Spangled Heresy" - pt. 1 1.00   
   Americanism Series: "The Star Spangled Heresy" - pt. 2, The Occult Faith of the Founding Fathers 1.00   
   Americanism Series: "The Star Spangled Heresy" - pt. 3, The Occult Franklin 1.00   
   Ordinary of the Mass, English and Latin, large, easy-to-read type 6.50   
   Daily Devotions for Every Day of the Week, days traditionally dedicated 4.00   
   Daily Advent Psalms and Prayers with December Novenas 5.00   
   Catholic Lenten Devotions (booklet) 6.95   
   Easter Vigil Ceremonies 2.00   
   Rogation Booklet with Litany of the Saints 2.00   
   November Devotions for the Faithful Departed, incl. Lauds for the Dead 5.00   
   Friends of the Cross (St. Louis Marie de Montfort) 2.25   
   Hell and its Torments (St. Robert Bellarmine) 3.00   
   My Imitation of Christ (á Kempis) 8.95   
   Preparation for Death (St. Alphonsus Maria Liguori) 17.00   
   Sinner's Guide, The (Ven. Louis of Granada) 15.50   
   Spiritual Combat (Dom Lorenzo Scupoli) 13.50   
   The Necessity of Combating our Passions .75   
   The Holy Season of Advent .50    
   The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary .50   
   Our Lady of Guadalupe, Madonna of the Americas .50   
   Peace Be to You .50
   Season of Christmas-Epiphany .50   
   And His Own Received Him Not... .50   
   On the Feast of the Holy Family .50    
   Unless Ye do Penance .50   
    Reflections on Holy Week .50   
   Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima .50   
   On the Feast of Christ the King .50   
   Children, Your Mother is Calling... .50   
   A Pattern of Work and Prayer for Fatima Youth Crusaders .50   
Brown Scapular Coloring Book 5.50   
Our Lady of Banneux Coloring Book 5.50   
Our Lady of LaSalette Coloring Book 5.50   
St. Francis of Assisi Coloring Book 5.50   
St. Meinrad Coloring Book 5.0   
   Tridentine Latin Low Mass 14.95   
   Tridentine Latin High Mass 19.95   
   Tridentine Latin High Mass and Sermon: Christmas 27.95   
   Tridentine Latin High Mass and Sermon: Epiphany 27.95   
   Easter High Mass and Sermon with Easter Vigil Ceremonies 40.00   
   Sermon for Pentecost: the Birthday of the Church 19.95   
   Beautiful and inspirational Lenten Tape of the Way of the Cross and the Shrines of Our Sorrowful Mother in Germany 27.95   
   The Shrine of Our Lady of Kevelaer: Magnificent Basilica of Pilgrimage 24.95   
   Jewel of Bavaria: the Pilgrimage Shrine of Our Lady of Altötting 22.95   
   The Ancient Roman City of Trier & its Ancient Churches 22.95   
   Advent in Germany 24.95   
   Kripanna: the International Exposition of Nativity Scenes 24.95   
   Conferences on Total Consecration (True Devotion to Mary) 24.95   
   Retreat for the Laity: "The First and Greatest Commandment" 24.95   
   A Bishop Speaks in Defense of the True Catholic Faith 19.95   
   Jesus of Nazareth: The Public Life of Our Lord 39.95   
   Our Lady of Fatima 29.95   
   Song of Bernadette 24.95   
   The Reluctant Saint: St. Joseph Cupertino 29.95   
   St. Karl the Great, Emperor 29.95   
   Becket: St. Thomas of Canterbury, Martyr 29.95   
   "The Bread of Life" 12.95   
   Corpus Christi: "The Body of Christ" 10.95   
   The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus: "Learn of Me, For I Am Meek And Humble of Heart" 10.95   
   The Humility of the Sacred Heart of Jesus 10.95   
   Feast of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus 10.95   
   The Kingdom of the Precious Blood of Jesus 13.95   
   The Reign of Christ the King: Anniversary of Ordination 12.95   
   "The Brown Scapular of Carmel: Sign of Consecration" 10.95   
   "Discourses on Total Consecration to Mary" (2 vol.) 19.95   
   "The Message of Fatima: I am the Lady of the Rosary" 12.95   
   "The Hands of Mary: Silver Jubilee of Consecration" 10.95   
   "Mary the Dawn" - Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary 12.95   
   "Mary, Mediatrix of All Graces" 10.95   
   "Mary, Queen of All Hearts" 11.95   
   "Narrow is the Gate that Leadeth unto Salvation" 11.95   
   "The First and Greatest Commandment: Retreat for Laity" (2 vol.) 19.95   
   "Christ the Life of the Soul" 12.95   
   "Living our Total Consecration to Mary" 12.95   
   "The Call to Reparation to Mary's Immaculate Heart" 11.95   
   "He who is not with Me is Against Me" 11.95   
   "The Holy Ghost and Humility of Heart" 11.95   
   "Mothers' Day Discourse" 10.95   
   "Fathers' Day Discourse" 10.95   
   "The Mustard Seed: Living our Faith & striving for Holiness" 10.95   
   "The Four Faces of Self" 11.95   
   "The Mirage of Holiness" 11.95   
   "The Church's Condemnation of Forbidden Books" 11.95   
   "He Who Loves Father and Mother More Than Me is Not Worthy of Me...The Teaching of Christ on Family" 11.95   

"The Supernatural Life of Grace: What it is, Why it is Necessary, & How to Attain and Preserve It."  A fundamental instruction on knowing, loving, and serving God. 10.95   
   "The Destruction of the Mass and Sacraments by the Modernist Council of Vatican II" 12.95   
   "St. Peter's Chair at Rome: Instructions on the Papacy" 10.95   
   "In Defense of the True Catholic Faith" 12.95   
   "The Great Apostasy" 10.95   
   "What has Happened to Catholic Church? Part 1-The Message of Fatima" 5.95   
   "What has Happened to Catholic Church? Part 2-The Great Apostasy" 5.95   
   "What has Happened to Catholic Church?" Part I & II 10.95   
   Ite ad Joseph-Go to Joseph 12.95   
   St. Joseph the Worker, Model for Catholic Men and their Families 10.95   
   St. Anne, Mother of Mary 10.95   
   St. Francis of Assisi 12.95   
   The Stigmata of St. Francis 12.95   
   St. Philomena the Wonderworker 9.95   
   St. Raphael the Archangel 9.95   
   St. Alphonsus Maria Liguori 9.95   
   St. Konrad of Altötting 11.95   
   St. Karl the Great, Father of Christendom 12.95   
   Christmas Midnight Mass: "Unless you Turn and Become as Little Children" (2 vol.) 19.95   
   "Lessons from the Manger" 12.95   
   The Nativity: "We are the Children of a Promise" 12.95   
   "The Gifts of the Three Holy Kings" 10.95   
   The Epiphany: "My Kingdom is not of this World" 10.95   
   Lent: "The Spirit of Penance and Mortification". 12.95   
   Discourses on the Seven Last Words of Christ from the Cross (3 vols.) 24.95   
   Our Mother of Sorrows: "Behold Thy Mother..." 10.95   
   "Unless Ye Do Penance" 10.95   
   Palm Sunday Sermon 11.95   
   Mass of the Last Supper: Holy Thursday Discourse 11.95   
   "No Resurrection without a Crucifixion" 12.95   
   "The New Hope of the Resurrection" 12.95   
   "The Joy of the Resurrection" 12.95   
   "Purge out the Old Leaven" 12.95   
   "Easter Vigil Mass: Mind the Things that are Above" 12.95   
   Feast of the Immaculate Conception 11.95   
   Our Lady of Guadalupe: Madonna of the Americas 10.95   
   Candlemas: "For You were once Darkness, but are now Light in the Lord" 12.95   
   The Annunciation of Our Lady: "A Life of Union with God" 12.95   
   Pentecost: "The Birthday of the Church" 11.95   
   Trinity Sunday Sermon 10.95   
   The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary 10.95   
   The Marian Feasts of August: "True Happiness" 10.95   
    Feast of All Saints: Anniversary of Episcopal Consecration 12.95   
   Mission Rosary 2.00      
   Brown Scapular .75    
   Miraculous Medal .75   
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