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November 26, 2003

Marylike in soul and body!
Marylike in mind and heart!
Marylike in every action;
Child of God, how fair thou art!
Fair to Christ and all His Angels;
Fair to earth, since thou art seen
To be like her—like Mary,
Earth’s and Heaven’s fairest Queen.

Marylike in soul! What beauty
When thy soul doth shine with grace!
For then a Mary-smile will greet thee
When thou shalt meet her face to face!
Mary-like in body! keeping
All the senses in control;
Looks and bearing both revealing
A Mary-temple for thy soul.
Mary-like in mind and memory!
Sinful thoughts and fancies flee;
Idle dreams and selfish musings
Find no place, fair child, in thee.
For the Mary-mind is lifted
From all sordid thoughts, to live
On the high and noble promptings
That a Mary-soul will give.
Mary-like in thy affections!
Loving all, excluding none;
Loving, as you think Our Lady,
Ever faithful, would have done.
Mary-like in every action—
In enjoyment, work, and prayer;
Watching Mary, loving Mary,
Imitating Mary everywhere.

Mayest thou learn her gentle manner
And her calm and queenly ways;
Emulate her art of bearing,
Words of censure or of praise,
Mayest thou learn the hidden secret
Of her smile so kind and true,
Which reflects the radiant beauty
Of her pure soul gleaming through!

In a word, may all the greatness
And the sweetness of her ways,
All her inner grace and beauty
Heaven and Earth delight to praise,
Find their likeness in thy soul,
Child of Mary as thou art,
Making thee more like thy Mother,
ever dearer to her heart.
Night and day, in joy and sorrow,
Night and day, ‘neath crushing care,
Ask of Our Lord true Marylikeness—
Throughout thy life be this thy prayer,
Christ will hear and Christ will answer
If thou dost pray with humility:
"Jesus, make me just like Mary;
Mary, keep me just like thee."

Let us Pray

A Soul of Mary

     Ah, blessed union of love, wherein my soul and thine are one, thy thoughts my thoughts, thy love my love, thou in me and I in thee. Now thou hast taken up thy abode in my soul, and I in thine; thy Immaculate Heart is mine and I find my joy in thine. Thou art ever on my lips; with thy blessed hands I work; with thy holy feet I tread the ways of holiness, and fulfill the errands of justice and mercy. To go to the Sanctuary of God with thee, and in thee, and through thee, to live my every breath for thee— this shall be my life forevermore, my life, my love, my all! Amen.

(An indulgence of 50 days each time.)



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