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Prelude - First Gathering - February 5th
Setting - Cairo, 1798

February, 4th - Meet the Storyteller
Character submission deadline. Location to be determined.

Pleade read the Storyteller Introduction first.
What was going on in Cairo, 1798?
All players must submit a Mortal Character by the February 4th deadline.
About 20% of the players will be chosen prior to the prelude as Vampires.
The remaining player characters will be ghouls or possibly other supernaturals (5%).
How will this work? You mean You want me to pay money to play a normal noble, priest or soldier?

The idea of the chronicle is that no one will know who the vampires are in the beginning.
I have run this type of setting in the past and you would be
suprised how long the vampires can go undetected.
If you read through my rules clarifications you will understand why this is so.
I have made many of the neglected aspects of typical games such as Influence and Status very important
and this has changed the direction of my game compared to others.

I have clarified a few of the rules supplied by White Wolf TM. Here are the House Rules, some new
Merits and Flaws, Character Professions and available Rituals.
Contact the Storyteller at
Read the FAQ.


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