House of Lex

Introducing Lex Adams

Welcome to My World.

Here I will try to express how I see things and how I do what I do.
There may be some ranting and raving ...
but what the hell ... its my site ... right?

First a little information for those that are interested, if thats not you then click back, delete or whatever.

I design and hand craft a range of leathergoods that are lifestyle related including, cuffs (many different kinds), floggers (in a variety of weights,  styles and colours), harnesses, suspension  equipment, and custom designed goods to suit the individual. I also design and build a range of dungeon and play furniture.  The pics of My Playroom show only what I have designed and made myself, from floggers to the Full Suspension Unit.

Should you be interested in anything on these pages but want further information then please feel free to email me. I am very approachable and I am prepared to answer your enquiries in an open and honest way, assisting where I can. I enjoy meeting and sharing with people so dont be shy.  Remember, we were all new to this lifestyle at some time and all of us are still exploring ourselves as we travel our own path.


"It has reciently been pointed out to me by a submissive that I had "too much" experience for them. I felt that was an unfair comment and not representative of the person that I really am. Yes I am experienced within this lifestyle. I would hope to have learnt something after all the years I have invested in it."

"When a submissive has been in the lifestyle for some years, she is sought after and considered experienced, yet I am called extreme. I find that a little strange and totally unfair.  Take the time to get to know me and you may be surprised at my outlook on life and who knows you may even like what you find. I know I dont appeal to everyone just as they dont appeal to me. I do keep an open mind though and extend the hand of friendship." 

"When you are ill and visit a doctor, you want him to be experienced."
When you have legal problems, you seek the most experienced lawyer you can afford."
When your car breaks down, you want a mechanic that "knows" what they are doing."

Simply because I am have a wealth of experience, this does not make me an extreme Dominant, far from it. My experience has taught me how to participate in a variety of activities in a safe and sane way. It has helped me to become the caring and understanding individual that I am today. It has shown me what pleasure there is in assisting those new to the lifestyle or less experienced, explore themselves in an informed and positive way.

I ultimatly seek somebody to join my household in a 24/7 situation but I am willing to meet and play on a more casual basis for we never know where our future lies.  I am open to a part time or less than 24/7 relationship.  I am also happy to meet and interact with interesting people. Who knows, you may find you meet someone who is genuine about themselves and the lifestyle we so enjoy. It may just be that we become friends with the common bond of what we do. We will never know unless we are willing to see what could happen.
Surprise yourself, get to know me as a person before you form an opinion about me.

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