Christian Life Study
Whether you are a new believer and unfamiliar with the great teaching of the Bible, or one who enjoys taking refresher courses in the things you already know, this study series,designed as a catechetical primer, is one to fit the bill. The motivation behind our Christian Life Study Series comes from the many inmates that we are corresponding with, who desire and request Christian literature and Bible study material. We send over 30 copies of our newsletter as well as this Study Series each month to inmates.As you read and study, please remember to pray for our brothers and sisters who are incarcerated.*
*Please consider supporting this ministry with your offerings to help with postage and printing costs. Prayers and letters, too, are greatly appreciated.

Our mailing address is:

David Kralik Ministries
P.O. Box 1362
Fairhope, AL 36533
The Bible - The Word
of God


Jesus Christ The Son
of God

The Holy Spirit


God's Plan of Salvation
and The New Birth

Judgements and Rewards

The Church



The Abundant Life
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