Links to Useful and Interesting Sites
This shelf of our library contains links that will take you to some great places of interest. These sites represent a variety of theological and denominational thought within the scope and realm of Christendom. Listing sites here does not mean that we endorse every thread of their theological thought. It does mean that these sites contain useful information.
Theology And Bible Study Sites

Bible History

Hall of Church History

Resource Page For Biblical Studies

Bread And Water

Archeology And Church History

Bible Archeology Society

Ancient History Sourcebook

Church History Institute

Ministry Sites

Seeds Of Simplicity

Practicing Our Faith

Prison Ministry Network

Christianity Today

The Bread Site

Crown Financial Ministries

John Michael Talbot

Fair Dinkum


Christian Book Distributors


Faith At Home

Spiritual Retreat Centers

Find The Divine (Retreat Centers)

Little Portion Hermitage

Lay Contemplative

Music Sites

Gospel Music Archives

Cyber Hymnal

Used Book Vendors

Book Search


Another Day Books

Bible Study And Sermons

Church Link

Fair Dinkum

Revised Common Lectionary

Living Word Library

Bible Desk

Bible Study Warehouse

Church History & Historical Theology

Christian Classics Library

Contemporary Pentecostal Issues

These two sites raise some serious questions concerning the "latter day rain" movement and some of the things purported to be signs and wonders of the Holy Spirit. One is maintained by Pentecostals. The other by non-Pentecostals. Both present worthwhile reading.

Christian Website Indices

Cross Search


Theology (Various Schools)






End-Times Theology (Rapture Theories)




Christian Music Sites

Contemporary Praise & Worship

Gospel Music Archive

Personal Homepages

Blueprint For A Revolution

Ministry & Church Homepages

Stewarton Bible School

Haydid Learning Center

Phil Johnson's Bookmarks

New Zealand Revival Bulletin
Please notify me if you find inactive links:
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