Prayers and Poems
This shelf on our library contains both original and borrowed  prayers, quotes, and poems, in no particular order. It is our humble prayer that they richly bless you.
Father Thomas Merton
Mother Teresa
St. Francis of Assisi
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          You have something to say to God, but perhaps you're at a loss for words.

Of course the best prayer is one that flows from you, you communicating with God, or allowing the Holy Spirit to speak through you. That's the genuine thing, the cry of "Abba!" rising to heaven like sweet perfume. Whether it's a cry of love or joy or desolation or need or revelation, when it comes from the heart of who we are, it's a type of spiritual union with our Lord achieved no other way.

There is also a place for written prayers, both the traditional like the Our Father, or the whisperings of a long dead saint. Maybe you feel the need to pray but cannot find the words. Maybe you need a starting place. Or maybe you just want a peek into the spiritual heart of someone whose eloquent words move your soul. Either way, I hope you come by something rich and remarkable from these beautiful love letters to God. God wants to hear from you. It's why He invented prayer.
Aelred of Rievaulx
More to come!