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February 3rd, 2006
This is the first post with the new format!  Exciting, huh?  Some of you are probably wondering where all of the old features went, like "Storytellers" and whatnot.  Well, they've gone away for a while... maybe even perminently!  They hadn't been getting a whole lot of hits lately, according to the counters anyway, so I decided to take them away and only return them due to popular demand.  So why the new format?  Well, in case you're just tuning in, Matt Rock Online will have officially been online for a full decade as of May 10th, 2006.  Yippie!  To celebrate, I'll be writing a plethora of new articles and rants, and I'll write a very special MRO tribute article that walks people through the history of our ten years on the Internet.  Our highs and lows, the good stuff and the bad stuff, the tasty and the disturbing... uh... ee.  Anyway, keep tuning into the site.  It'll be under heavy construction until March, when we hope to unveil the new site in all of its glory.
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