MCNET is a portal for the Malay College Kuala kangsar. MCNET provides news, updates, directories, databases and articles concerning MCKK for all Malay Collegians as well as others.

It is a community service project undertaken by 9599inc, which is a webdesign studio established by students Mohd Firdaus and Nik Nazmi.

Originally, 9599inc was approached by a few old boys to undertake a project for an MCKK portal. Having come up with some plans, etc, the project broke down. But the novel dream of having an MCKK portal was not lost upon Mohd Firdaus and Nik Nazmi. Furthermore, MCKK and MCOBA has not had a website for sometime. Both the partners of 9599inc were involved in the setting up of the previous MCKK website in 1999.

Finally, after months of planning and research, 9599inc came out with MCNET. It is complemented by Raja Petra's MCKK Community Networking (MCKK-Comnet), a yahoogroup among MCKK students, past and present.

MCNET is currently undertaking discussions to provide professional support and funding for the portal, as it is now running on free web services and is non-profitable.

Currently, three people work for MCNET.

Mohd Firdaus is in charge of the technical and design aspects of MCNET. He was in Mohd Shah in MCKK and having left the College in 1999, he is now a undergraduate at the University of Sheffield, taking Computer Systems Engineering. He is in charge of 9599inc in the UK. His e-mail is and his website is at

Nik Nazmi is the content editor of MCNET. Also from Mohd Shah Class of '99, he is currently doing his A-Levels at KMYS, Selangor. He is also a part-time contributor to and takes charge of 9599inc services in Malaysia. He can be contacted at and you can visit his website at

A present Mohd Shah fifth-former at MCKK, Hazizi Hassan is the news provider for MCNET, covering on events happening in MCKK and the present students. His e-mail is
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