Virtus, is a column by Nik Nazmi, full time student, part-time writer and webdesigner, from class of 99 and the Mohd Shah House

The MCOBA site is now up and running, courtesy of InDesign, a web studio run by a few Collegians, including Azhar Arif, my New Hostel prefect back in 1996.

I welcome the development very much, thus at least showing to the others that budak koleq is not left out in the cyberworld. For the MCKK students, what about a koleq site?

Nevertheless, I hope MCNET will not lose its relevance as a portal for the MCKK community. With support from Sdr. Ishak Ariffin, an active old boy, I am putting up some more articles from older College magazines into MCNET in the next few monts, so stay tuned.

Running MCNET, or my batch website, is an arduous task. The amateurish nature of the job restricts it from being able to make a great impact, but I believe, it must be done. For the sake of keeping the College spirit alive, as well as to provide a place where anyone can search for anything MCKK on the net.

I read somewhere in Generations, a book by young Malaysian authors Amir Muhammad, Kam Raslan and Sherryl Stothard how visionaries are easy to come by. Everyone is a visionary. What is actually difficult is to find people who are willing to work for that vision.

I am your regular complainer. I know a lot of us are. It is easy to complain, criticise and find fault with everything in this world. But to have our criticisms accepted, we should also do something about it. Imagine how better this world would be if everyone is like that, everyone takes action to make the world we live in real and not superficial.

That, however, is another utopian dream. There would always be people, who complain, and simply goyang kaki. Personally, I find that those people at koleq, who simply complains about our rugby team, our debaters and the performance of the College in examinations, but he himself excels in none - is a parasite that lives off other people's hard work.

Parasites and all, we have to try our best to make a difference.

May 2002 be a prosperous and rewarding year for all of us.
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