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This is me Newsies Page!
Welcome to me Newsies page. I'm Meg Specs. *spits in hand and extends it* Well? Oh right..you're new here. Ah well you'll get used to it. *wipes it on her shirt* Well..welcome to me humble home  Look around. You'll see stories, how to talk like a Newsie and meet some of the gang! Wondering why I don't have a New York accent? Simple...I lived in Colorado. Until a certain cartoon rooster kidnapped me and brought me here. ;) It's small now, but soon you'll feel like it's home sweet home!
All right listen up! Dese is all my buddies! My friends! And I have female friends who also have a little "thing" for them. ;) Not to mention myself for a couple of em. ;) So click on dere pictchuh to see a character description, some humor, and which friends like them! ;D So I don't have your favorite ones. OH WELL! :D
I only have Specs and Skittery up. The rest of the Newsies are coming soon. :)
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Ladt Updated: 3/7/02
Newsies Fan Fiction!
Stories told by others of the Newsies lives. Even some of my own!
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My favorite images of all these hotties. :D COMING SOON!
About Moi Herself!
This is about the creator of this site!
About Meg Specs!
You know you wanna loirn about little ol me! COMING SOON!
Why Meg Specs doesn't like Kid Blink
So I don't like all the Newsies. Oh well..you'll see why I despise this one the most. COMING SOON!
Some of these observations might sound the same if you been to other sites. But believe me...these are my own. And if they're in another site...then YAY I have something in common with them. :D CS!
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What would a Newsies website be without our cute boys doing the pelvic thrust? ;)