Newsies Fan Fiction!
  Ah..tales of adventure, love, mystery, love, comedy, and of! :D Most Newsies stories I see involve romance. Sweet huh? I myself write romance stories. What can I say? I LOVE ROMANCE! :D
   So here you'll find fan fiction from moi and other fans of course! :D Any fan fiction you wanna send in? E-mail to :) Be sure to add your Nick Name, the title of the fan fiction, and of course..either a link or the story in e-mail. Optional stuff you can add is your address if you want people to e-mail you. :)
   Enjoy! :D
Love Is A Song That Never Ends
1: When Specs met Ruth
2: The Shocking Truth
3: Ruth's New Life
4: For The First Time
5: A Kidnapping
6: Losing And Winning
7: "Til Death Do Us Part"
8: When Specs Met Meg
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