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The IKS meH’Haj is a NegH’var class battleship, one of the newest ship types of the Imperial Klingon Empire, and is currently in Command of Alpha Wing in Bravo Fleet's Task Force 44.  The ship has been through many battles, it’s warriors are always ready to serve the empire…to the death, if need be.  There is always honour in battle.  Go to the awards section to see what the members of the IKS meH’Haj have earned.



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The negH’var is a very large ship, it was designed for transporting troops and launching massive attacks against planets and starbases.  It has a normal crew complement of 2,320 to 3,000.  That alone is a huge number, but it isn’t all it can carry.  In addition to the crew it can carry a total of some 10,000 ground troops, all their equipment and has enough shuttlecraft and transporters to get them in to action.


So far it sounds like the IKS meH’Haj is just some large troop transport, but it is also heavily armed.  It has two of the largest disrupter canons ever fitted to any ship in the alpha and beta quadrants.  For more information on the ships weapon systems go to the ship display section now.