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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Alexander Beith wed 1843 to Amelia Mary Ann Sindon/Evans
Christiana Beith wed 1849 to John Noble
Daniel Beith wed 1869 to Betsy Patworth
Daniel Connelly Beith wed 1881 to Mary Ann Hyatt
Elizabeth Beith wed 1867 to James Goding
Elizabeth Beith wed c1856 to Irwin Byrne
Elizabeth Ann Beith wed 1882 to Charles Simpson
John Beith came 1839 on the David Clarke with Mary Conley
John Beith wed c1861 to Barbara Haugh
Rachel Madeline Riddell nee Beith wed 1871 to Richard Evens
Theophilus Beith wed 1865 to Rachel Riddle/Riddel
Charles Robert Belcher came 1858 on the Roxburgh Castle with Sarah Maria Holloway
Walter Belcher wed 1894 to Mary Peart
James Belfield came 1855 with Sarah Ann Waring
Sarah Belfield wed 1884 toGeorge Phillips
Janet Belfour wed 1864 to John Chapple
Agnace Stella Bell wed 1901 to Frederick John Shoebridge
Alexander Bell wed 1872 to Annabella Flett
Ann Bill/Bell wed 1848 to Henry Barr
Celia Helen Elizth Bell wed 1886 to Edgar Pirani
Eliza Bell wed 1870 to George Bayles
Emily Lilley Bell wed 1886 to David Taylor Galt
George Nelson Bell wed 1861 to Emma Williams
Henrietta Blair Bell wed 1870 to George Jamieson
Henry Wm Bell wed c1880 to Emma Elizabeth Dadswell
James Bell came c1851 with Ellen Frances Cooper
James Bell wed 1868 to Henrietta Darby
James Bell wed 1872 to Ann Muxworthy
James Bell wed 1886 to Emma Culpitt
Jane Elizth Margt Bell wed 1889 to William James Woodmason
John Bell came c1857 with Mary Evans
John Bell wed 1876 to Elizabeth Nicholson
Louisa Johanna Sarah Bell wed 1882 to Alfred Francis Harridge
Lucy Ann Bell wed 1873 to Samuel Henry Marshall
Luke Bell wed 1858 to Rebecca Anstee
Mary Bell came 1853 on the Emigrant with William Southern
Mary Bell wed 1884 to Thomas Henry Best
Mary Bell wed 1891 to Thomas Paris Leach
Mary Bell wed 1893 at Whipstick to Edward Arthur Woodward Twigg
Mary Ann Bell came c1883 with Thomas McKnight
Mary Victoria Bell wed 1881 to George William Farrar
Richard Bell wed 1888 to Lizzie Courtney Mousley
Sarah Jane Bell wed 1886 to William Leach
Susanna Bell came 1854 on the Omega with George Thorne
Thomas Bell wed 1894 to Mary Elizabeth Treadwell
William Bell wed 1869 to Amelia Burgess
William Godfrey Bell wed 1877 to Christina Barr
John Bell wed 1867 to Margaret Izatt
Frederick Charles Bellamy wed 1867 to Angelina Withers
Robert Walter Bellenger wed 1882 in Tasmania to Selina Quin
Adelaide Bellett wed 1870 at Sorell, Tasmania, to Alfred Brown
Albert George Bellett wed 1895 at Sorell, Tasmania, to Sarah Jane Little
Alfred Bellett wed 1892 at Sorell, Tasmania, to Mary Bryan
Ann Bellett wed 1816 at Hobart, Tasmania, to Edward Garth
Ann Bellett wed 1855 at Spring Bay, Tasmania, to Samuel Billett
Dinah Maria Bellett wed 1874 at Sorell, Tasmania, Australia to John Henry Cleary
Eliza Bellett wed 1859 at Sorell, Tasmania, to John Franklin
Elizabeth Bellett wed 1809 at Hobart Tasmania toRobert Carter
Elizabeth Ann Bellett wed 1842 at Hobart, Tasmania, Australia to Samuel Smith
Emma Lavender Bellett wed 1883 at Sorell, Tasmania, to John Corbett
Florence Bellett wed 1886 - Sorell, Tasmania, to Walter Dalton
Frederick James Bellett wed 1884 - Glamorgan, Tasmania, to Mary Maud Quin
Frederick James Bellett wed 1884 in Glamorgan Tasmania to Mary Maud Quin
George Bellett wed 1835 - Clarence, Tasmania, to Jemima Larson
George Arthur Bellett wed 1873 at Sorell, Tasmania, to Mary Ann Cleary
George Walter Bellett wed 1877 at Sorell, Tasmania, Australia to Florence Marian Bellette
George Walter Bellett wed 1883 at Sorell, Tasmania, Australia to Sarah Louisa Newitt
Grace Bellett wed 1867 at Sorell, Tasmania, to Jacob Jacobson
Harriet Bellett wed 1879 at Glamorgan Tasmania to Charles Quin
Jacob Bellett wed 1791 to Ann Harper
Jacob Bellett wed 1824 at Hobart, Tasmania, to Mary Fisher
Jacob Bellett wed 1827 - Clarence, Tasmania, to Susannah Free
James Bellett wed 1855 - Spring Bay, Tasmania, to Fanny Radford
James Eugene Bellett wed 1893 at Hobart, Tasmania, to Eliza Jane Hall
Jemima Louisa Bellett wed 1863 at Sorell, Tasmania, to Frederick EdwardKean
John Bellett wed 1822 at Hobart, Tasmania, to Susanah Garth
Lilly Bellett wed 1870 at Sorell Tasmania toAlfred Alomes
Mary Bellett wed 1815 at Hobart, Tasmania, to James Garth
Mary Ann Bellett wed 1855 at Spring Bay, Tasmania, Australia to Robert Jacobson
Mary Ann Bellett wed 1880 to Hugh Quin
Rebecca Bellett wed 1866 at Sorell, Tasmania, to William Lloyd
Susannah Bellett wed 1809 at Hobart, Tasmania, Australia to John Birchall
William Bellett wed 1828 - Sorell, Tasmania, Australia to Catherine Irwin
Blanche Josephine Bellette wed 1897 to Ernest William Moore
Florence Marian Bellette wed 1877 at Sorell, Tasmania, Australia to George Walter Bellett
Harry Bellingham wed 1880 to Jane Low
Samuel Bellingham came 1856 on the Euphrates with Mary Ann Flower
children and Margaret Belliott came c1859 with William Crews
Ceusrina Belperrond wed 1879 to John Gugger
Fannie Belperrond wed 1870 to Samuel Gugger
Fanny Gugger nee Belperrond wed 1879 to Rudolf Gugger
Mathilda Bembridge wed 1867 to Thomas Reid
Sarah Ellen Bemrose came c1870 withJosiah Coates
Alexander Francis Benallack wed c1901Elizabeth Burgess
Amy Frances Benallack wed 1879 to William Andrew MacIntyre
Amy Frances Benallack wed 1886 to Thomas William Johnstone
Andrew Benallack wed 1890 to Jane Tainsh
David Benallack wed Mary Hill
Frank Benallack wed 1887 to Rebecca Chapman
James Benallack wed 1888 to Mary Annabella (Minnie) Field
James Benallack wed 1899 to Isabella Tainsh
Jane Francis Benallack wed 1855 to Christopher Merifield
John Francis Benallack wed 1858 to Elizabeth Ann Haynes
John Rock Benallack wed 1877 to Nancy Jane Wilson
Mary Ann Margaret Benallack wed 1901 to Alfred John Denning
Stephen Staton Benallack wed 1855 to Mary Ann Rock
Hannah Bendal wed 1885 to Tom Conduit
Annie May Bendall wed 1909 to Henry John Punshon
Atwell George Bendall wed 1891 toMary Elizabeth Colman/Coleman
Evelyn Mary Bendall wed 1893 toCharles Grant Taylor
John Bendall wed 1863 toMary Ann Coughlin
John Charles Neavor Bendall wed 1874 to Marion Harvey
Henry Christopher Bending wed 1891 to Isabella Lester
John August Bending wed 1862 to Margaret O'Keefe
Louisa Cecelia Bending wed 1886 to James William Doyle
Maurice Bending wed 1893 to Sarah Anne Pickard
Mary Ann Bendle wed 1889 to Wallace William Ramage
Robert Bendle came c1862 with Agnes Kirkland
Diana Benham came 1852 on the Beulah with John Wickham
Caroline Benish came c1853 with August Dehne

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