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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Eva Benjamin wed 1877 to Alexander Glasgow
Henry Benjamin wed 1854 to Eliza Cooper
Henry Maurice Benjamin wed 1880 to Rosalina Walkerden
Maria Pelinn/Paulina Benjamin wed 1881 to Richard Edwards
Adeline Ellen Bennett wed 1906 toHawsuel Earnest (as Ernest Oswald) Free
Alice Bennett wed 1886 to Daniel Guiney
Alice Bennett wed 1895 to Richard George Plant
Ann Bennett wed 1871 to Hezekiah Willis
Caroline Bennett came c1840 with Richard Gainger
Catherine Bennett wed 1883 to John Dennison Smith
Charles Bassett Bennett came c1854 with Elizabeth Gooding
Elizabeth Bennett wed 1878 to Francis George Wilkin
Elizabeth Hannah Bennett wed 1885 to John Drysdale
Ellen Bennett wed 1882 to John Wiseman
Ellen Aldham Bennetts/Bennett wed 1900 to James Carlton Auld
Francis Bennett came c1857 with Mary Hannah Hocken
George Bennett came c1855 with Sarah Cooper
George Bennett wed 1886 to Margaret Agnes Wiseman
Henry Austin Bennett wed 1867 to Emma Austin Hobbs
James Bennett wed 1884 to Sarah Ann Collier
John Nathaniel Bennett wed 1866 to Ann Cook Ackland
John Nathaniel Bennett wed 1876 to Mary Ann Snowdon
John Nathaniel Bennett wed 1882 to Emma Newcombe
John William Bennett wed 1883 to Jane Eliza Smith
Jonathan Bennett wed 1884 toEliza (Elvira) Emily Tout
Margaret Bennett wed 1842 at Independent Church, Melbourne to James Corfield
Mary Ann Bennett wed 1865 to John (Johan) Zimmer
Mary Ann Zimmer nee Bennett wed 1879 to John Robins Billman
Mary Jane Bennett wed 1886 to Henry William De Mouilpied
Robert Bennett wed 1872 to Susannah Buck
Samuel Bennett came c1853 with Ann Thornhill
Sarah Bennett came 1851 on the James T Foord with Frederick Savage
Sarah Bennett wed 1888 to David Armstrong Maxwell
Thomas Bennett came c1856 with Mary Anderson
Thomas Bennett wed 1890 to Margaret Scharffenorth
William Bennett wed 1873 to Anne Mousley
William Joseph Bennett wed 1886 to Margaret Madeline Newman
Charlotte Bennetto wed 1861 to Johann August Meyer
Elizabeth Ann Bennetts wed 1864 to John Daniel Reeves
Ellen Aldham Bennetts wed 1900 to James Carlton Auld
John Bennetts wed 1862 to Frances Mary Reeves
John Ernest Bennetts wed 1886 toElizabeth Ann Eynon
Mary Ann Bennetts wed 1887 to John Tuer
William Henry Bennetts wed 1868 to Catherine Rees
Gilbert Bennetts/Bennett came c1860 with Emily Aldham /Aldam/Oldham
Margaret Binnie/Bennie wed 1857 in Tasmania to William Barnes
Charles Benning wed 1889 to Margt Sonsee
Charles Henry Benning wed 1860 to Mary Ann Emily McNaughton
Eliza Benning came c1855 with Francis Wilkin
Emily Lettisha Benning wed 1886 to Peter Crane
George Benning wed 1884 to Martha Caroline Angell
John Stewart Benning wed 1913 to Emma Matilda Thege
Maria Jane Benning wed 1883 to James Wilson
Alice Elizabeth Bennion wed c1903 to Thomas William Bigmore
Edwin Bennion came 1852 with Emma Walker
Edwin Bennion wed 1854 to Mary Ann Gaskins
William Fawcett Bennion wed 1872 to Rhoda Shepphard Bayley
William Fawcett Bennion wed 1876 to Elizabeth Higgins
Emma Elizabeth Bennion came 1864 with Thomas Ruscoe/Roscoe
John Benson wed 1842 to Cath Ryan
Margaret Bensonwed 1870 to Biaggo Tamagno
Margaret Tamagno nee Benson wed 1881 to Charles Sabina
Martha Benson wed 1864 to John Kelly
Ellen Bentley came 1854 on the Lady Peel with James Peevers
Fanny Bentley wed 1882 to John Bissland
Honora Bartley - Honoretta Anna Bentley wed 1853 to Albert Vincent Balzary
John Henry Charles Bentley wed 1906 to Olive Rose Sincock
Thomas James Charles Bently/ Bentley wed 1880 to Selina Baker
William Edward Bentley wed 1903 to Margaret Matilda Sincock
Jane Barrasford/Beresford came c1860 with James Richardson
Bernard Emil Robert Berger wed c1858 to Anne Williams
Annie Elizabeth Berkery wed 1880 to Henry Lean (? John) Ralph
John Berkery came c1858 with Mary Holton
Maria Bernick wed 1859 to Johann Gottfried Nippe
Sarah Amelia Berrick wed c1857 to Elias Coppel
Elizabeth Berriman came c1855 with Samuel Newton
Margaret Ann Berriman wed 1875 to William Alfred Peasnell
Andrew Stephen Berry wed 1888 to Edith Emily Garden
George Berry wed 1846 to Susan Head
Hugh John Berry wed 1904 to Clara Alice Unwin
James Berry wed 1873 to Mary Moffatt Richmond
James Berry wed 1883 to Alice Amelia Aikman
Susan Berry convict wed 1837 at Hobart to John Herbert Dupe
Susannah Berry wed 1844 to Thomas Mann Jarvis
William Berry wed 1879 to Ann Catherine Deslandes
Arthur Henry Berryman wed 1901 to Annie Sims
Caroline Beatrice Berryman wed 1891 to Wm Edw Dower
Elizabeth Jane Berryman wed 1887 to James McKerlie
Evangeline Grace Berryman wed 1897 to John Tippett
Frederick James Berryman wed 1889 to Ellen Coram Vawdon
Ivy Jennifer Berryman wed 1903 toWilliam Alderson
John Berryman wed 1877 to Elizabeth Poseiner
John Berryman wed 1903 to May Thomas
Joseph Berryman came c1860 with Mary Ann Moon
Lena Margaretha Berryman wed 1899 to John Sewell
Maria Berryman wed 1880 to John Henry Roberts
Mary Berryman wed 1897 to Henry Hocking
Mary Annie Berryman wed 1881 to Henry Penrose
Matilda Jane Berryman wed 1886 to William Penrose
Priscilla Berryman wed 1882 to James South
Selina Berryman wed 1887 toWalter Weston Addison
William Berryman wed 1855 to Jane Toy
William Berryman wed 1886 to Alice Jane Chapple
Johanna Augusta Wilhelmina Bertram wed 1873 to Andrew (Andreas) Muller
Charlotte Berwick came c1875 with William Henry Thomas
Clara Eliza Best wed 1885 to William George Steere
Elizabeth Best came c1855 with William Finch
Emily Best wed 1912 to David John Pilmer
Mary Jane Best wed 1883 in WA to Edward Jones
Mary Jane Best wed 1880 to William Truscott
Thomas Best came 1852 with Sophia Trayherne
Thomas Best came 1857 on the Appleton with Sabina Birch Trethewey
Thomas Henry Best wed 1884 to Mary Bell
Alice Evelyn Bethell wed 1893 to Chas Fisher
Edith Ruth Bethell wed 1895 to Jno Mansfield
Elizabeth Bethell wed 1880 to Thomas Robert Trotman
Frances Ann Bethell wed 1891 to Hy David Mansfield
Maria Bethell wed 1881 to John Gray
Sarah Bethell wed 1877 to James Hunter Millar
William Bethell came 1857 with Fanny Barker
Louisa Betts wed 1873 to John Friday
Alice Amelia Bevan wed 1895 to Henry Gainger
Anna/Hannah Bevan wed 1874 to John Gainger
Emma Bevan wed 1888 to Joseph Missen
John Bevan wed 1882 to Patty Bletsoa Cutts
John Tistans Bevan wed 1873 to Mary Annie Althorpe
Richard Eastlake Bevan wed 1890 to Mary Ann Missen
Samuel Bevan wed 1872 to Emma Hiscock
Thomas Bevan came 1855 as Assisted Immigramnts on the Epaminondas with Elizabeth Eastlake
Thomas Henry Bevan wed 1884 to Isabella Littlewood Cutts
Elizabeth Neven Bews wed 1886 to William Jessup
John Bews came c1859 with Elizabeth Nevin
William Martin Bews wed 1897 to Hart Ann Weatherhead
William Martin Bews wed 1905 to Ruth Elizabeth Studman
Charles Bewsey wed 1870 to Mary Brolly nee Jackson
Donald Wallace Bewsher wed 1904 to Maude Mary Farrar
John Bewsher came 1871 on the Bengal with Ann Moody
John Bewsher wed 1856 to Jane Ogilivie
John Ogelvie Bewsher wed 1888 to Catherine Jesson
Helena Augusta Beyer wed 1902 to Frederick George Pegg
Letitia Beynon wed 1868 to Edward Lewis

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