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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Felix Frederick Bubeck wed 1881 to Mary Ellen Seuling
Jane Buchanan wed 1890 to William McPherson
Janet Buchanan came c1855 with Arthur Anderson
Marjorie Buchanan wed 1885 to Arthur Pirani
Robert Bruce Buchanan came c1854 with Jane Brown
Thomas Reid Buchanan wed 1883 to Sarah Flower
Maude Mary Buchnall wed 1886 to Daniel James Luxton
Martin Buchter wed 1865 to Juliana Pegg
Adam Buck came 1852 on the Marmion with Martha Bird
Charles Henry Buck wed 1859 to Maria Hiscock
Emma Buck wed 1878 to William Virtue
James Buck wed 1888 to Maria Stonehouse
John Buck wed 1864 to Selina Lockwood
Margaret Buck wed 1874 to Charles Wilson
Margaret Julia Wilson nee Buck wed 1884 to Walter Cox
Sarah Ann Buck wed 1893 to Arthur Edwin Droscher
Sarah Ann Buck wed c1858 to Henry Askew Hodgson
Susannah Buck wed 1872 to Robert Bennett
Agnes Amelia Ayah Buckle wed 1876 to Matthew Deering
Arnall (later Arnold) Buckle came 1850 with Elizabeth Halliday
Arnall Silas Alvin Buckle wed 1883 to Sarah Leigh
Arnall Silas Alvin(?) Buckle wed 1888 to Fanny Rosa Smith
Daniel Buckle wed 1854 to Lydia Rankin
Elizabeth Catherine Alice Buckle wed 1870 to Domenico Fanchi
Emma Buckle wed 1882 to William Woodfine
Mary Buckle wed 1896 to Andw Mckay
Phoebe Ithamar Abigail Buckle wed 1878 to John McKenzie
Sarah Ann Bathsheba Buckle wed 1870 to Domenico Lorenzi/Lorensini
Seth Enos Joab Buckle wed 1871 to Jane Eason
Margaret Buckley wed 1870 to Robert Patterson
Mary Buckley came c1852 to Adelaide with John Keast
Mary Ann Buckley wed 1851 to William Knowles
Phebe Buckley came 1855 on the Admiral Boxer with Jonathan Wragg
Emma Penrose nee Buckthought wed 1878 to Alexander Marchwinski
George Budd wed 1865 to Louisa Sulman
Samuel Budge wed 1871 to Cath Sloane
Elizabeth Budgell/Budgett came 1853 on the Earl Grey as Assisted British Immigrants with James Goodenough
Ellen Bugbird wed 1872 to Peter Newton
Elizabeth Bugler came 1852 on the Emilywith Edmund Gane
Ada Bull wed 1890 to Charles Henry Scoble
Ada Bull wed 1893 to Fredk Chas Goddard
Alice Maud Mary Bull wed 1888 to Arthur Scates
Annie Robinson Bull wed 1869 to Edward George Peasnell
Edward Bull wed 1865 to Frances Ann Primrose
Elizabeth Bull wed 1878 to James Hall Day
Emily Bull wed 1885 to John Weller
Isabella Robinson Bull wed 1874 to Duncan Brain
James Bull wed 1877 to Susan Unwin
John Thomas Bull wed c1889 to Frederica Koch
Joseph Bull wed 1877 to Elizabeth Goodenough
Louisa Rebecca Bull wed 1875 to James Hugh Reid
Mary Jane Bull wed 1867 to Walter Neville Hayes
Mary Jane Bull wed 1887 to John Blencowe
Thomas Bull wed 1876 to Emma Rayson
William Bull wed 1850 to Anne Dews
Edith Emily Bullen wed 1881 to Edwin Stephens
Mary Elizabeth Bullen wed 1879 to Charles Frederick William Presser
Miriam Bullen wed 1879 to Edward Dean
Nicholas John Bullen wed 1875 to Elizabeth Morrish
Annie Crews Bulley wed 1884 to Edwin Robert Scott
Ann Elizabeth Bulling wed 1882 to Robert Shaw Smith
Jane Miriam Bulling wed 1885 to Robert George Cameron
Joseph Bulling wed 1857 to Ellen Lizabeth Gothorp
Lucy Anne Bulling wed 1887 to Frank Robert Matthews
James Bullock wed 1855 to Ann /Mary Ann O'Connell
James Bullock wed 1879 to Eleanor (Ellen) Jane Wrathall
Mary Ann Bullock wed 1888 to Benjamin James Flavell
William Bullock wed 1870 to Catharine Wadham
John Bulmer wed 1858 to Marian Stocks
John Bulmer wed 1862 to Caroline Blay
Elizabeth Bult wed 1856 to David Boshe
Elizabeth Jane Bunce came 1854 on the Marco Polo with Charles Harrison Liddiard
Alfred Bunn wed 1860 to Sarah Jane Hamilton
Alfred Stockford Bunn wed 1888 to Louisa Alice Kirwood
Elizabeth Anne Bunn wed 1895 to Laughlan Skene Duff Gordon
Elizabeth Anne Bunn wed c1888 to Chas Mackin
Ellen Florence Bunn wed 1915 to John Torney
Emily Bunn wed 1884 to David Todd Barnet
Emily Bunn wed 1897 to James Brenton Stephens
Emma Eliza Bunn wed c1901 to Charles Albert Young
Fanny Bunn wed 1891 to Charles James Graham
Frederick Charles Bunn wed 1903 to Sarah Williams
James Henry Bunn wed 1912 to Eleanor Jane Hobill
John Henry Bunn wed 1905 to Nellie Beattie
John Thomas Bunn wed 1876 to Sarah Emily Coxhell/Coxshall
Mary Ann Bunn came c1852 with James Rose
Matilda Bunn wed 1901 to Colin Williams
Sarah Jane Bunn wed 1888 to Thomas Clark
William Bunn came c1853 with Sarah Stockford
George Bunting wed 1878 to Agnes Gertrude Goldspring
George Bunting wed 1878 to Jane Simpkin
Edwd Burbridge wed 1891 to Mary Catherine Wooltorton
Marion Arminell Burchall wed 1898 to Thomas James Popple
William Burchall/Burchell wed 1867 to Marion Arminell Davey
Catherine Burchell wed 1871 to Edmund Hy Collas

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