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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Alfred Henry Brownbill wed 1899 to Maria Hargearves
Allen Brownbill wed c1910 to Rosemary Helen Graham
Eliza Brownbill wed 1883 to James Armstrong
Ellen Victoria Brownbill wed 1877 to William Campbell
James Henry Brownbill wed 1886 to Elizabeth Ellen Allen
Sarah Brownbill wed 1894 to Alfred Albert Henry
Thomas Henry Brownbill wed 1887 to Matilda Martha Allen
Thomas Henry Brownbill wed 1914 to Violet Nellie Taysom
William Brownbill wed 1855 to Sarah Henry
William Brownbill wed 1887 to Margaret Forrester Murray
William Henry Brownbill wed 1877 to Elizabeth Catherine Ruddock
Elizabeth Browne wed 1864 to John Rogers
Leonora Browne came c1855 with Thomas Palmer
John Brownhill wed 1868 to Mary Ann Williams Trotman
William Browning wed 1853 to Elizabeth Escott
William Browning wed 1877 to Lucy Selina Knowles
William Henry Browning wed 1903 to Martha Addison
Ellen Browning wed 1880 to Thomas Henry Knowles
John Bruce wed 1857 to Elizabeth Durran
William Bruce wed 1894 to Eliza Free nee Flavell
Isaac Brudenell wed 1883 to Elizabeth Ann Stone
Isaac Brudenell wed c1863 to Sarah Jane Moysey
Isaac Henry Brudenell wed 1897 to Annie Taylor
John Elam Brudenell wed 1907 to Elizabeth Exon
Ann Grace Bruffell wed 1878 to Joseph Shepperson Cocks
Annie Elizth Bruhn wed 1893 to James Wrathall
Alice Rose Sarah Brumby wed 1897 to Phillip Lawrence Doolan
Betsy Maria Brumby wed 1891 to Jno Geo Scarf
Geo Brumby wed 1897 to Grace Somerville Whitelaw
Jane Elizth Brumby wed 1890 to Edward Thompson Sandwith
Jas Albt Brumby wed 1899 to Ada Knight
Jno Brumby wed 1893 to Emma Wootton
Mary Ann Brumby wed 1887 to John Dames
Thomas Brumby came c1861 with Betsey Twite
Thos Brumby wed 1890 to Hannah Elizth Robertson
Wm Hy Brumby wed 1895 to Elizth Jane Thomas
Alfred Pagan Brumley wed 1894 to Sarah Ann Armitage
Charles William Brumley wed 1854 to Elizabeth Jane Pagan
Frederick Davies Brunier wed 1888 to Emma Trembath
Sarah Bruton came c1860 with Joseph Smith
Caroline Mary Bruyeres came c1856 with Martin Howy Irving
John Henry Feelor Bruyeres came c1868 from Sydney with Sarah Rosanna Henry
Jane Bryan wed 1894 to Joseph John Plant
Mary Bryan wed 1892 at Sorell, Tasmania, to Alfred Bellett
Mary Ann Bryans came c1857 with George Mayne
Eliza Ann Bryant wed 1886 to Alfd Edwd Holmes
Emma Eliza Bryant wed 1895 to Hy Wm Colley
Emma Louise Rachel Bryant wed c1900 to Robert O'Bree
George Bryant came c1863 with Elizabeth Pellow
Margaret Ann Bryant wed 1868 to James Lockett
Mary Ann Bryant wed 1875 to Robert Nowell Ustick
Mary Ann Ustick nee Bryant wed 1885 to Joseph Clarkson
Mary Jane Bryant wed 1867 to John Murphy
Robert Bryant wed 1863 to Ann Johanna Dart
Sarah Johannah Bryant wed 1894 to Robert Henry Primrose
Thomas Robert Bryant came c1853 with Rachel Julia Priaulx
William John Bryant wed 1878 to Catherine Louisa Hills
Adelaide Bryce wed 1901 to Francis Firman
Alice Victoria Bryce wed 1912 to Daniel Geo Burgess
Ann Bryce wed 1864 to William Fithall
Ann Bryce wed 1898 to James Boyle
Charles Bryce wed 1883 to Jane Rhodes
Charles Bryce wed 1898 to Agnes Aitken
David Bryce came c1855 with Elisabeth Dawson
David Bryce wed 1882 at Mount Beckworth to Margaret Clark
Elizabeth Bryce wed 1871 to Thomas Grieve
Isabella Bryce wed 1857 probably at Mount Beckworth to Hinrick Hanson Kohn
James Bryce wed 1871 to Jane Jenkins
Jane Bryce wed 1851 to William Henry Alexander
John Bryce wed 1860 to Sarah Ann Fithall
Margaret Bryce wed 1867 to William Lamperd
Marion Bryce wed 1888 to William Firman
Marion Bryce wed 1898 to Ernest Albert Reither
Phillis Bryce wed 1882 to Stephen Northill
Robert Bryce wed 1901 to Georgina Margaret Donald
William Bryce wed 1887 to Hannah Jane Bartlett
William Rhodes Bryce wed 1908 to Edith Helena Heazlewood
William John Brymer wed 1872 to Agnes Archulus Reid

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