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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Loverna Eveline Detering wed 1893 to Geo Tinworth
Frederick Dettmering came c1870 with Esther Trainer
Henry Adolphous Dettmering wed 1904 to Henrietta Isabel Williams
Mary Alice Dettmering wed 1900 to William Henry Lugg
Norah Devanney/Devaney came c1861 with John McGee
John William Devereux wed 1879 to Sarah Jane Hanks
Margt Alice Elizth Devereux wed 1904 to Ernest Jno Rundell
Sarah Devlin came c1858 with William Green
Keziah Dew came c1853 with Francis August Voigt
Christina Dewar came c1853 with Robert Cameron
Thomas Dewar wed 1888 to Jane Ann Tout
Ann Dewhurst wed 1856 to William Elteridge/ Ettridge
Julien DeWillimoff wed 1884 to Margaret Ellen Gephart
Anne Dews wed 1850 to William Bull
Frank DeYoung wed 1901 to Edith May Addison
Katrine DeYoung wed 1886 to France Nelson Dane
Samuel DeYoung wed 1867 to Susan Smith
John Diamond wed 1887 to Ellen Patten
Thomas Diamond came 1860 on the Ocean Chief with Isabella Cullen
Thomas Diamond wed 1887 to Margaret Beaton Cuthbert
William Brown Diamond wed 1885 to Margaret Glenney /Glenny
Euphemia Dick wed 1862 to George Swanson
Jeannie Dick wed 1885 to James Durran
Annie Dickens wed c1890 to David Pollock
Christina Agnes Dickenson wed 1892 to Julius Ernest Edward Knoblock
Elizabeth Jane Dickenson wed 1882 to George Colville Morris
Ellen Dickenson wed 1887 to Ernest Edward Matthews
Hannah Dickenson came c1854 from Tasmania with William Cowl
John Dickenson came c1860 with Elizabeth Taylor
Louisa Dickenson wed 1841 in Hobart to convict Thomas Flower
Mary Ellen Dickenson wed 1889 to James Ick
Thomas Dickenson wed 1889 to Nora Roberts
Wm Dickenson wed 1889 to Lillian Harris
Agnes Eliza Dickins wed 1874 to Arthur Thomas Kendall
Ann Elizabeth Dickins wed c1867 to Nathan Walter
Charles William Dickins wed 1874 to Maria Thorne
Charles William Dickins wed 1885 to Margaret Mckay
Edward George Dickins came 1853 on the Minerva with Lucy Jane Brown
Edward George Dickins wed 1870 to Phebe Ann Lee
Emma Margaret Dickins wed c1871 to Jonathan Edward Pittock
Frederick Dickins wed 1854 to Harriet Free
Jane Caroline Dickins wed c1856 to Joseph Tournier
Margaret Elizabeth Dickins wed 1870 to James Mcgregor
Mary Phoebe Dickins wed 1917 to John Baines
Thomas Dickins came 1855 on the British Trident with Elizabeth Pratt
Thomas Dickins wed 1857 to Anne Rippingall
Charles James Dickinson wed 1899 to Alice Maud Henderson
Elizabeth Dickinson wed 1895 to Hy Collins
Joseph Brown Dickinson wed 1885 to Maria Annie Fort
Richard Dickinson came c1856 with Ann Brown
Richard Dickinson wed 1884 to Elizabeth Freeman
Sarah Hannah Dickinson wed 1898 to Hy Downs Wooltorton
Susan Dickinson wed c1859 to Henry Fortune
Thos Wm Dickinson wed c1890 to Emma Ferris
Isabella Dickison wed 1875 to John Benjamin Doyle
James Dickman wed 1864 to Phobe King
Charles Hebrum Dicksonwed 1863 to Mary Griffiths
George Cowan Dickson wed 1898 to Ada May/Mary Brown
George Jeffrey Dickson wed 1856 to Margaret Anderson
James Dickson wed 1878 to Agnes Mary Constance Darlot
James Anderson Dickson wed 1889 to Elizabeth Moorfoot
Janet Jerimiah Dickson wed 1876 to James Ramage
John Dickson wed 1898 to Ida Elizabeth Greenwood
Robert Dickson wed 1899 to Louisa Howlett
Robert Dickson wed c1893 to Harriet Maud Rose
Georges Eugene Didier wed 1891 to Martha Sophia Forrester
Daniel Diffey wed 1874 to Hannah Johnson nee Dunkley
Amelia Digby came1858 via the Conway to join John Willis
August Johann Diggelmann wed 1887 to Louise Friderike Eltze
George Dight wed 1872 to Millicent Hodder
Maria Dignum wed c1861 to John Heritage
Constance Frances Dike wed 1907 to Frederick William Shuttleworth
Cornelius Dike wed 1882 to Sabina Charles
Mary Ann Dilley wed 1864 to James Goss
James Dillon wed 1882 to Annie Scannell
Margaret Dillon wed 1875 to Andrew Cleary
Mary Dillon wed 1857 to Matthias Medwin
Rosanna Dillon wed 1916 to Owen Geary
Ann Dingle came 1865 with John Cox Dingle
Ann Louisa Dingle wed 1868 to John Wolstencroft
Edward Dingle wed 1878 to Rosa Dale
Elizabeth Dingle wed 1872 to Luka Sillovich /Selloveck
James Dingle wed 1884 at Hobart to Alice Woodley
John Cox Dingle came 1865 with Ann Dingle
Mary Dingle wed c1875 to James Mason
Mary Jane Dingle wed 1872 to Henry Spiers
Nicholas Dingle wed 1853 at New Norfolk Tasmania to Jane Wilson
Richard Dingle wed 1888 at Hobart to Elizabeth Kathl Ibbotson
Richard Rapson Dingle wed 1861 to Caroline Mulder
Sarah Dinwiddy came 1852 with Thomas Ford
Ann Diprose wed 1869 to John Reid
Mary Heazlewood nee Diprose wed 1845 at Launceston to George Gould
Sophia Diprose wed 1828 at St John's Church, Launceston to James Heazlewood
Alfred Henry Duscher/Disher wed 1903 to Precilia Maud Wrathall
William Dishon wed 1915 to Florence May Radnell
Frederick Diss wed 1876 at Taradale to Julia Burman
Myrtle Ethel May Diss wed 1913 to Fredrick Henry Hawken
William Diss wed 1880 to Frances Sarah Brown
Ann Ditchburn wed 1896 to Job Gunnell
Eleanor Colling Ditchburn wed 1905 to Thomas Lyon Brisbane
Elizabeth Jane Ditchburn wed 1894 to Saml Jno Crowle
Frances Mary Ditchburn wed 1907 to Thomas George Shuttleworth
George Ditchburn came 1870 on the Percy with Mary Ann Colling
Mary Ann Ditchburn wed 1896 to Joseph Gunnell
Peter Ditchburn came 1870 on the Percy with Jane Moor
William Ditchburn wed c1901 to Louise Emma Kay
William Coulthad Ditchburn wed 1882 to Elizabeth Catherine Davis

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