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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Alice Christina DeGraaf wed 1909 to David Phillip Mayman
Annetta DeGraaf wed c1879 to Thomas Lonsdale Birkett
Bridget Ellen Mary DeGraaf wed c1920 to Joseph Henry Wise
Eliza Mary Ann DeGraaf wed 1887 to Edward Collins
Elizabeth Ann DeGraaf wed c1903 to James Frederick Fletcher
Evangelina DeGraaf wed c1898 to Robert Robinson
George Anthony DeGraaf wed 1898 to Rachel Trainor
Harriet DeGraaf wed c1899 to Edward Collins
Henry DeGraaf wed 1887 to Emily Sarah Anne Abrey
Jacobus Adrianus DeGraaf wed c1878 to Mary Jane Sell
Jacobus Andrianus DeGraaf wed 1853 at Geelong Victoria to Eliza Twite
James DeGraaf wed 1885 to Caroline Kirk
Mary Ann DeGraaf wed c1892 to Richard Todd
Peter Lawrence DeGraaf wed 1879 to Catherine Barry
Sarah DeGraaf wed c1888 to George Howlett
Violet Angelina DeGraaf wed c1894 to Francis Henry Thompson
Blanche Louisa DeGroot wed 1885 to Edgar Charles Brewster
Caroline DeGroot wed 1865 to Stephen Francis
Charles DeGroot came 1854 on the Mooresfort with Sarah Harriet Read
Emily S DeGroot wed 1881 to William Richard Avison
Frederick Austin DeGroot wed 1874 to Margaret Kerr
Henry Alfred DeGroot wed 1885 to Isabella Moore
Jane DeGroot wed 1878 to William Leslie
Mary Ellen DeGroot wed 1876 to Thomas James Burton
Geo Leonard DeGruchy wed c1995 to Frances Jane Bazeley
Edward Joseph DeHenzell wed 1885 to Fanny Coste Earles
August Dehne came c1853 with Caroline Benish
Charles Dehne wed 1884 to Jessie Burnet
Emma Caroline Dehne wed 1883 to William Edward Tilburn
William August Dehne wed 1888 to Sarah Hannah Munzel
Susan Delahoy came c1855 with Robert Mason
Elizabeth Dallimore/Delamore wed 1849 at Presbyterian Church Geelong to James Clissold
Anne Delaney wed 1854 to Cuthbert Joseph Harrison
Ann Delany wed 1873 to William Winnell
Robert DeLaRue wed 1877 to Elizabeth Ambler
Frances Delbridge came c1854 with Joseph Harris
Doris Isobel Deledio wed 1938 to Leslie Scheele
Giovanni Batista Deledio came c1868 with Isabella Roddie
John Deledio wed 1903 at Dunolly to Caroline Taylor
Ada Lydia Dellar wed 1888 to Jospeh Storer
George Dellar came c1854 with Ellen Barry
Lydia Dellar wed 1892 to William Nathaniel Garrett
Esther Deller wed 1889 to Stephen Hayward Gorsuch
Frederick Deller wed 1879 to Margaret Pickett
George Deller wed 1883 to Sarah Ann Durran
Beatrice Annie Del Marco Delmarco wed 1895 to Walter Edward Joy
Dominico Delmarco wed c1871 to Mary Mckenzie
Antonio Delmue wed 1864 to Mary Jane Ashman
Agnes Ciserena DeManuel wed 1886 to George Henry Booth
Henry William DeMouilpied wed 1886 to Mary Jane Bennett
John DeMouilpied came c1860 with Emma Stirling
Alexander Dempsey came 1857 on the David McIvor with Elizabeth Crow
Elizabeth Mary Dempsey wed 1891 to Geo Ingaldby/Ingoldby
Margaret Jane Dempsey wed 1876 to Robert Britnell
Susan Dempsey wed 1893 to William Morgan James
William (Henry) Dempsey wed c1870 to Julia (Hannah or Anna) King
Elizabeth Dempster wed 1858 to John Hurley Silke
Sarah Dendy came 1852 on the Lord Stanley with >John Cunliffe
Levina/Lavinia Dinner/Dener wed 1860 to Richard Pethybridge
Eliza Denham came c1854 to John Lamperd
Jane Knox Denham wed 1875 to Samuel Stanlake
Elizabeth Dennant came c1866 with Alfred Goddard
Alfred John Denning wed 1901 to Mary Ann Margaret Benallack
Joseph Denning came 1863 on the Theresa with Annie Taylor
Eva Dennis wed 1910 to John Mitchell Irvine
Fernanda Dennis came c1863 with Elizabeth Ferral
John Dennis wed 1859 to Louisa Victoria Ingram
John Henry Dennis wed 18821 to Esther Eliza Poyser
John Henry Dennis wed 1917 to Violet Addison
Louisa Dennis wed 1883 to John Thomas Panter
Mary Marks Dennis wed 1873 to Abel William Miners
William Dinnis/ Dennis wed 1875 to Mary Ann Elizabeth Coffee
Frederick Dent wed 1851 to Catherine Plows
Frederick Dent wed 1882 to Elizabeth Collins
Jesse William Dent wed 1888 to Alice Roberts Wale
Marjery Denton came 1852 on the Lizzie Webber with William Swinburne
William Thomas DeQuested wed 1856 to Susan Weal
Ellenor Derby wed 1855 to Frederick Luke/Lucke
Ada Minnie Marguer Derham wed c1896 to Godfrey George Howy Irving
Frederick Thomas Derham wed 1864 to Ada Maria Anderson
Frederick Thomas Derham wed 1878 to Frances Dodd Swallow
Harry Alfred Derham wed 1888 to Grace Taylor
Maria Louisa Derham wed 1884 to Robert Wylie
Thomas Plumley Derham came 1856 on the Sea Breeze with Sarah Ann Watts
Thomas Plumley Derham wed 1880 to Ellen Hyde Hodgson
Mary Dermody wed 1847 at Adelaide South Australia to John Kerrison
Albert Joseph Derrick wed 1875 to Harriet McCourtie nee Williams
Harriet Derrick wed 1867 to Vincenza Lafranchi
Henry Derrick wed 1880 to Ann Smart
Henry Derrick wed 1885 to Charlotte Young
Joseph Derrick came 1856 on the Arthur the Great with Harriett Parson
Lucy Ellen Derrick wed 1897 to Corn Alice (Cornelius Alexander) Sharpe Galbraith
Martha Derrick wed 1882 to Alfred Wade
Sidney Thomas Derrick wed 1888 to Harriet Evans Hearle
William Derrick wed 1861 to Hannah Seymour
John Derroch wed 1882 to Mary Ann Pettifer
Mary Derry came 1852 on the Oithona with John Addinsall
John Henry Deslanders wed 1886 to Sarah Radnell
Kezia Olivia Deslanders wed 1877 to James Darrock
Ada Alice Deslandes wed 1885 to Charles Cameron
Ann Catherine Deslandes wed 1879 to William Berry
Charles Deslandes came 1855 on the Evening Star with Olivia Mary Simpson
Chas William Deslandes wed 1875 to Ellen (Helen) Christina Baker
Elizth Ann Deslandes wed 1864 to Thomas Ereout
Emily Deslandes wed 1884 to John William Cameron
Emily Louisa Deslandes wed c1910 to Alfred Henry Allen
John Deslandes wed 1852 to Jane Bing/Byng
Olivia Keziah Darroch nee Deslandes wed 1896 to Nicholas Frank
Ada Alice Deslandes wed 1885 to Charles Cameron
Olivia Kezia Deslandes wed 1877 to James Darroch
Theodore James Deslandes wed 1883 to Esther Amelia Seddon
George Edwin Deslandes /Deslands wed 1875 to Sarah Louis Smith
Joseph William DeSoza wed 1897 in Hobart, Tasmania to Ada May Blakney

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