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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Alice Louise Forester Dixon wed 1881 to George Fox Punshon
Dorothy Dixon came c1863 with Robert Morse
Elizabeth Dixon came 1857 on the Themis with Henry Mcnaughton
Esther Fell Dixon wed 1875 to Samuel Currie
Henry Odessa Dixon wed 1877 to Ann Jane Munnerly Harris
Herbt Arth Jubilee Dixon wed 1915 to Lillie Maud Wicker
Janet Dixon wed 1871 to Henry Hiscock
John Forester Dixon came c1852 with Louisa Geyet
Margaret Dixon wed 1844 to Thomas Puflett
Marion Dixon came c1859 with Walter Burnet
Susanna Dobberton came c1856 with Klaas Quak
Alfred Thomas Dobell wed 1899 to Ann Wright
Philip Dobell came 1854 on the Truro< with Adelaide Bond
William Dobell came 1852 on the Bombay with Sarah Ann Johnson
William Dobell wed 1860 to Ellen Lang/Laing
William John Dobell wed 1892 to Elizth Clayton Skate
Alexander Dobinson wed 1874 to Emily Henrietta Fletcher
Annie Dobinson wed 1881 to James Alfred Maddison
Francis Dobinson wed 1895 to Sarah Ann Maddison
Henry Dobinson came 1852 on the Charlotte Jane and was joined 1854 via the Lightning by his family and Margaret Topley/Tippley
James Henry William Dobinson wed 1882 to Ellen Hannington
Judson Dobinson wed 1873 to Martha Lydia Fletcher
Ruth Dobinson wed 1866 to George Rickerby
David Dobson wed 1892 to Minnie Lucy Barns
Ellen Dobson wed 1888 to David Yates
John Thomas Dobson wed 1858 to Rosena O'Reilly
Margaret Dobson wed 1883 to William Richard Podger
Mary Brown nee Dobson wed 1864 to Thomas Blacker
Rosena Dobson wed 1889 to Wm Smith
Rosina Smith nee Dobson wed 1896 to Geo Edwin Mccoll Jones
Thomas Edward Dobson wed 1888 to Emily Yates
Charlotte Docherty came c1854 with Peter Roach
Eleanor Dodd wed 1878 to John Bodycoat
Frances Mary Dodd wed 1888 to George Edward Crook
Georgina Rose Dodd wed 1896 to Arthur Polglase
James Henry Dodd came c1857 with Caroline Elizabeth Robins
Jessie Dodd wed 1892 to George Lewis Kerrison
John Dodd wed 1858 to Frances Haynes
Sarah Elizabeth Dodd wed 1881 to William Alfred Green
George Dodds wed 1875 to Sarah Kinnersley
Edward Henry Dodkins came 1853 on the Madagascar with Elizabeth Coombs
Henry Dodkins wed 1883 to Zeliner Cochrane
Matilda Maria Coombes Dodkins wed 1874 to Harry Arthur Horsnell
Arthur Dodson wed 1888 to Ada Lavinia White
Charles Dodson wed 1890 to Zillah Elizth Sterry
John Dodson came c1857 with Mary Ann Poulten
John Dodson wed c1886 to Ellen Dunn
Sarah Ann Dodson wed 1870 to Joseph Machon
Emma Doel came c1857 with Charles Normand
Annie Jane Doepper wed 1884 to Thomas Halliday
Elizabeth Doepper wed 1889 to James Ebenezer Frost
Hermann Doepper wed 1864 to Elizabeth Trotter
Isaac Doggett wed 1861 to Ann Papworth
Ruth Doherty wed 1885 to William Stephen Bodilly
William Edward Doig wed 1888 to Harriet Maria Height
Catherine Dolan wed 1854 to John Henry Wrixon
Elizabeth Dolphin wed 1863 in Adelaide to Robert Hortop
Albert Domeyer came c1855 to South Australia with Doris Mugge/ Dorothea Anna Muegga
Albert Louis Domeyer wed c1910 to Emma Beatrice Calf
Bernhardt Domeyer wed 1872 to Janet Gemmell
Ann Don wed 1858 to Charles Brown
Colin Donald wed 1858 to Maria Mansfield
Collin James Alexr Donald wed 1886 to Minnie Mould
Esther Donald wed 1900 to William Popple
George Donald came c1865 with Esther Knox
Georgina Margaret Donald wed 1901 to Robert Bryce
Hy Dunlop Donald wed c1893 to Mary Ann Emily Saville
Agnes Donaldson came c1878 with Lewis Bushby
Agnes Donaldson wed 1886 to Charles Sommers
Archie Donaldson wed 1887 to Janet Dunn
Elspeth Donaldson wed 1887 to Alexander Smith
James Donaldson came c1855 with Elizabeth Todd
James Lyall Donaldson wed 1887 to Sarah Agnes Skinner
John Donaldson wed 1885 to Margaret Magennis
John Remy Donaldson wed 1848 to Jane Smith
John Walter Donaldson wed 1882 to Mary Jane Waring
Louisa Donaldson wed 1875 to Arthur Robinson
Rebecca Jane Donaldson wed 1869 to Alfred Robinson
William Allen Donaldson wed 1859 to Hellen (Ellen) Lyall
Archie Donaldson< wed 1887 to Janet Dunn
James Doneal wed 1852 to Anna Maria Leahy
John Leahy Doneal wed 1888 to Mary Searle
Rebecca Doneal wed 1900 to Samuel Male
Ellen (Helen) Donelly wed 1858 to Charles Pevitt
Mary Donett wed 1856 to Ralph Gray
Hugh Donnan came c1866 with Susan Arole
James Robert Donnan wed 1905 to Bertha Catherine Cramer
John William Donnan wed 1899 to Mary Ann Free
James Donnelly wed 1875 to Rosetta Aarons
Jane Donovan wed 1879 to Thomas Kennedy
John Donovan came c1854 with Elizabeth Mitchell
Margaret Donovan wed 1897 to Anthony Frears
Eleanor Doody wed c1890 to George Timothy Ensebius Collopy
William Doody wed 1858 to Eleanor Brennan
Bertram Chas Doolan wed 1905 to Catherine Sarah Drummond Fowles
Charles Doolan wed 1874 to Ann Fleming
Patrick Doolan wed 1867 to Catherine Purcell
Phillip Lawrence Doolan wed 1897 to Alice Rose Sarah Brumby
Mary Ann Dooley wed 1859 to John Morrell
Edith Annie Dooling wed 1904 to James John Drysdale
Elizabeth Dooling wed 1898 to William Bones
Elsie Elizabeth Dooling wed 1905 to Henry Francis Drysdale
Joseph FrancisDooling wed 1880 - Gordon, Tasmania to Elizabeth Backhouse
George Dooly wed 1879 to Eliza Stephenson
Henry Dooly came c1854 with Jane Brien
Henry Dooly wed 1905 to Rosemond Martha Garlick
John Dooly wed 1880 to Kate Randall
Richard Dooly wed 1898 to Bessie Colgan

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