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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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George Griffin wed 1887 to Sarah Dora Gunn
Henry Griffin wed 1861 to Frances Sarah Nash nee Allpass
Jane Griffin wed 1868 to George Henry Elliott
Jane Elizabeth Griffin came 1853 on the Ann Milne with George Payne
Maria Shiel or Griffin wed 1854 in Tasmania to William Garbett
Mary Griffin wed 1884 to George Mackay
William Henry Griffin wed 1887 to Isabella Murray
George Griffith came c1854 with Susan Rochester
Jonathan William Griffith wed 1887 to Annie Puflett/ Purflett
Llewellyn Rhun Davies-Griffith wed 1880 to Georgina Hull
Mary Griffith wed 1865 to Joseph Wright
Mary Jane Griffith wed 1879 in Victoria to William Eynon
Ann Lydia Griffiths came 1854 to Melbourne on the Thorwaldsen with Joseph Bradford
Caroline Griffiths wed 1876 to Samuel Cracknell
Charles Henry Griffiths wed 1892 to Euphemia Alexandra Cuthbert
Eleanor Griffiths wed 1891 to George Henry Woodward Twigg
Elizabeth Griffiths wed 1888 to Walter Ladhams
Eva Jane Griffiths wed 1900 to Francis Friday
Francis George Griffiths wed 1884 to Susan Elizabeth Dandridge
Henry Edward Griffiths wed 1896 to Emma Amelia Patten
Jane Griffiths wed 1860 to James John Parfrey
John Griffiths wed 1873 to English born Mary Ann Daniels
John Griffiths wed 1882 to Sarah Ann Grimmett
John HollowayGriffiths wed 1878 to Martha Emma Burkby
John Stanscel Griffiths came c1861 with Sarah Tilley
Mary Griffiths wed 1886 to James Bridgen Spearing
Sarah Euphemia Griffiths wed 1875 to Charles Medlyn
Sophia Matilda Griffiths wed 1882 to John Flowers Saunders
Thomas Frederick Griffiths wed 1866 to Maria Esther Burrows
William Griffiths came 1848 on the Emperor with Mary Ann Seward
William Griffiths came c1854 with Elizabeth Phillips
William Griffiths came c1872 with Emily Jane James
William Griffiths wed 1882 to Suzanna Elizabeth White
William Henry Griffiths wed 1868 to Janet Greig Findlay
Mary Griffiths wed 1863 to Charles Hebrum Dickson
Abram Grigg came c1856 with Ann Bassett
Alfred Grigg wed 1881 to Elizabeth Vincent
Anne Grigg wed 1891 to John Stephens Tinney
Eliza Grigg wed 1882 to Timothy Collins
Mary Elizabeth Grigg wed 1886 to James Morrish
Richard John Grigg wed 1895 to Elizabeth Orpha Climas
Robert Albert Grigg wed 1888 to Elizabeth Rebecca Bowe
Ruth Marian Grigg wed 1905 to William Henry Tinney
Sarah Grigg wed 1872 to Robert Willey
William Grigg wed 1862 to Elizabeth Ann Gourley nee Ching
Sarah Griggs wed 1811 in Sydney to Joseph Wright
Mary Louise Grimley wed 1913 to Walter Lewis Mongan
William Capes Grimley wed 1866 to Lavinia Womersley
Charles Grimmer came 1852 on the Theodore with Elizabeth Lee
George Grimmer wed 1877 to Margaret Gavin Dalziel
James Grimmett came c1857 from Adelaide to Newbridge with Maria Harris
James Grimmett wed 1881 to Ellen Sophia Watts
Joseph Grimmett came c1857 from Adelaide with Martha Pottinger
Maria Grimmett wed 1878 to Thomas Smith Foster
Sarah Ann Grimmett wed 1882 to John Griffiths
Alfred Grimwood wed 1861 to Harriet Fell
Alfred Thomas Grimwood wed 1888 to Frances Rose Hanigan
Amelia Margaret Grimwood wed 1882 to William Purves Waterfield
Anne (Annie Jane) Grimwood wed 1881 to Charles Arthur Filgate
Clara Anne Grimwood wed 1896 to Thos Greenway Wigley
Daniel William Grimwood wed 1863 to Mary Ann Baskerville
Edwin Joseph Grimwood wed 1888 to Lena Alicia Hannigan
Edwin Lockyer Grimwood wed 1858 to Jennatte/Janet Yates
Elizabeth Jane Grimwood wed 1873 to James Willis Gill
Elizabeth Jane Grimwood wed c1875 to James Alexander Morrison
Emily Carol Elizabeth Grimwood wed 1877 to John Dennis Gleeson
Fanny Eliza King Grimwood wed 1883 to Frederick Glenister
Florence Alice Margaret Grimwood wed 1892 to Arth Wm Atkinson
George Albert Grimwood wed 1903 to Alice Maud Purvis
George Albert Grimwood wed 1913 to Alice Maud Corrie
Joseph Leonard Grimwood wed 1913 to Emily Margaret Fennessy
Leonard Swindle Grimwood wed 1872 to Eleanor (Ellen) Sarah Ann Blackson
Richard Atwood Grimwood wed 1860 to Sarah Ann Rendall
Samuel (Edwd Byrne) Grimwood wed 1907 to Mabel Somerset Pilley
Samuel Thomas Grimwood wed 1871 to Elizabeth Mary Byrne
Thomas Grimwood came 1853 on the Fairlie with Jane Loweth
Thomas Grimwood wed 1887 to Mary Keily
Thomas Samuel Grimwood wed 1874 to Susan Carmody
William Henry Grimwood wed 1892 to Alice Victoria Louisa Murphy
William James Grimwood wed 1903 to Ann Cole
David Grinter wed 1909 to Alice Maud Perry
Florence Grinter wed 1917 to Percy Claude Howlett
Frank Peter Grinter wed 1914 to Cath Isobella Seater
George Grinter wed 1911 to Margt Rachel Traynor
Robert Grinter wed 1866 to Susan Green
Susan Grinter wed 1908 to John Robert Peter Boyd
William Henry Grinter wed 1900 to Hananh Smith Llewellyn nee Carr
William Grisdale wed 1878 to Eliza Corfield
David Grisold wed 1891 to Marguarite Collins
Elizabeth Ann Grisold wed 1872 to William Rutherford Lyon
Emily Grisold wed c1898 to Andrew Aeneas Ross
Martha Isabella Grisold wed 1900 to David Owen
Mary Munro Grisold wed 1894 to William James Nicholls
Thomas Grisold came 1856 on the Medway with Mary Ann Taylor
William Grisold wed c1860 in Victoria to Mary Ann Munro
William Grisold wed c1876 to Elizabeth Sheppard
Annie Grist wed 1856 in Victoria to James Jarvis
Catherine Agatha Grist wed 1891 to William Cerini
Charles Grist wed 1862 to Annie Shannon
Charles Grist wed 1892 at Skipton to Maggie/Margaret Hill
Henry Grist came 1853 on the British Empire with Martha Smith
Henry Grist wed 1881 to Margaret Dalton
James Grist wed 1870 to Sarah Ann Dudley
John Grist wed 1896 to Frances Cairns
Mathilda Grist wed 1861 to Peter Husband
Margaret Groat came c1856 with George Grant
Margaret Grant nee Groat wed c1867 to George Irvine
William Taylor Groat wed 1880 to Eliza Fanny Nichols
Maria Groch came c1860 from Hochkirst Germany with Christian Harnath

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