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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Robert Macey wed 1864 to Harriet Emma Goodland
Charlotte Machon wed 1865 to Arthur Goding
Charlotte Machon wed 1865 to Arthur Goding
Francis John Machen/ Machon wed 1880 to Emily Ann Newton
Frederick Machon came c1857 with Sarah Tansley
Frederick Mechon/ Machon wed 1872 to Frances Unwin
Joseph Machon wed 1870 to Sarah Ann Dodson
Daniel Mack wed 1873 to Emily Cathrine Arnel
Rosana Mack wed 1848 to George Gaylard
Ann Catherine Madder wed 1856 to William Annear
Arthur Samuel Madder wed 1871 to Mariah Carlyon
Charles Madder wed 1884 to Matilda Williams
Harriet Elizabeth Madder wed 1870 to Joseph Foster
James Madder wed 1857 to Edith Pitman
James Madder wed 1875 to Ann Brown
James William Madder wed 1877 to Emily Jane Downard
Samuel Madder came 1857 on the Black Eagle with Harriet Barlow
Sarah Madder wed 1857 to John Cameron
William Madder came 1852 on the Isle Of Skye with Sophia Harpley
William Madder wed 1878 to Mary Richards
David Stephens Maddern wed 1861 to Margaret Ellison
Mary Ann Maddern wed 1893 to Albert Theophilus Allen
Clara Maddison wed 1885 to John Bowden Carkeek
Georgina Maddison wed 1875 to James Hayes
James Alfred Maddison wed 1881 to Ann Dobinson
Sarah Ann Maddison wed 1895 to Francis Dobinson
Thomas Maddison came c1852 with Mary Gibson
Geo Madgwick wed 1898 to Margt Jane Hosking
George Madgwick wed 1876 to Emma Ann Gillfeather
George Madgwick wed 1876 to Emma Ann Gillfeather nee Hall
Wm Thos Madgwick wed 1907 to Elizth Ellen Storer
Marinus Madsen wed 1885 to Sarah Jane Warr
Neils Madsen wed 1875 to Adelaide Burgis nee Addis
Nora Teresa Magarth wed 1908 to Allan Ranald Comrie
Augusta Magdale wed c1895 to George Liberty Cook
Annie Macgeniss/Magennis wed 1882 to Henry Poyser
Margaret Magennis wed 1885 to John Donaldson
Mary Jane Magennis came 1857 with Robert Blackburne
Alice Maud Maggs wed 1890 to Charles Rudd
Bertram William Maggs wed 1899 to Violet Blanche Cunningham
Mary Alice Maggs wed 1896 to William Murdock
Peter Magg/Maggs wed 1872 to Martha Stubbs
Ralph Magill wed 1865 to Ann Jane Gilmore
William John Magill wed 1888 to Malvina Willey
James Maginnes wed 1860 to Mary Jane Lamerock/Lamrock
Matilda Maginnes wed 1892 to Alfred Germaine
William John Maginnes wed 1884 to Elizabeth Dowd
Julius Magnus wed 1885 to Louisa Cashmore
Ellen Magrath wed 1892 to Jos Morris
John Magrath wed 1865 to Ellen Ahern/Aharn Ahearn
Nora Teresa Magrath wed 1908 to Allan RanaldComrie
Rosa Maguire wed 1872 to Ludwig Wangler
Bridget Mahar wed 1877 to William Friday
Johanna Myer/Maher wed 1889 to John Patrick Slattery
Margaret Maher wed 1856 at Ballarat to Henry Angus
Margaret Maher came c1870 with Patrick Shinner
Margaret Maher wed 1860 to Denis Conole
Mary Maher came 1841 with Jeremiah Cahill
Mary Maher came c1862 with Michael McManamny
Mary Ann Maher wed 1866 to John Hayes
Mary Ann Maher wed 1881 to Daniel James Sloane
Norah Francis Maher wed 1869 to John Thomas Colston
Thomas Maher wed 1846 to Mary Ann Healy/Haley
William Maher came c1864 with Mary Ann Thompson
William Maher wed 1896 at Hobart, Tasmania, Australia to Jessie Harriet Smith
James Mahla wed 1880 to Mary Ann Callinan
Catherine Mahon wed 1863 to William Fallon
Catherine Fallon/Felloon nee Mahon wed 1869 to John Hooton
Ellen Mahoney wed 1868 at Hobart Tasmania to William George Ibbotson
Ellen Mahoney wed 1892 to Robt Forrest Piper
Margaret Mahoney wed 1855 at St Francis Melbourne to Daniel Clark
Maria Maloney/Mahoney wed 1868 to Henry Catt
Rosanna Mahony wed c1855 to Thomas Stephenson
Agnes Mahood wed 1888 to William Jones
James Mahood wed 1859 to Esther Adams
Jane Mahood wed 1892 to William Hillgrove
Mary Ann Mahood wed 1886 to Archibald Wilson Allen
Emma Mailes came 1853 on the Argo with Thomas Powles
Beatrice Main came c1850 with Archibald Chalmers
Thomas Main wed 1878 to Bertha Rosalia Feigl
Thomas Campbell Main wed 1867 in Ballarat to Isabella Wood
Jessie Maine came c1873 with William White
Geo Thos Mains wed 1914 to Elizabeth Rickard
John Mains came c1854 with Margaret Irvine
Margaret Mains wed 1869 to Robert Harris
Margaret harris nee Mains wed 1879 to Peter Ernest Stoffer
Thomas Mains wed 1884 to Emma Parsons
Ann Mair came 1852 with John Collison
John AlexanderMair wed 1920 to Ivy Muriel Isabel Salathiel
John Simon Mair wed 1890 to Louisa Kate Goold
Mary Ann Mayes/May Maise wed c1856 to William Lovell/ Lovel
Elizabeth Maisey wed 1859 in Sydney NSW to Anthony Mongan
Prudence Major came 1849 on the William Money with William Martin Chellew
Alexander Stewart Malcolm came 1854 on the Indian Ocean with Margaret Lessels/Leslie
Catherine Malcolm wed 1875 to William Samuel Edwards
Eliza Ann Malcolm wed 1891 to John William George
Elizabeth Cousland Malcolm wed 1862 to Thomas Tyler Roper
Henry Charles Malcolm wed 1880 to Mary Blythe

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