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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Charlotte Julia Porter wed 1869 to Alexander Haslett
Elizabeth Porter wed 1876 to Henry Northfield
Robert Porter wed 1865 to Grace Macpherson Tolmie
William John Henry Porter wed 1877 to Martha Mary Hall
Jane Alexander Portous wed 1879 to James King Unwin
Jane Alexr Unwin nee Portous wed 1890 to Peter Miller Howat
Elizabeth Poseiner wed 1877 to John Berryman
Philipp Poseiner came c1865 from Germany with Margaretha Holman
Elizabeth Potter wed 1854 to John Biggs
Elizabeth Potter wed 1877 to James Dixon McNair
Isaiah Potter wed 1885 to Eliza Ann Strain nee Warnecke
John Francis Potter wed 1865 to Elizabeth Wykes
Margaret Naomi Potter wed 1882 to Ernest Horatio Dunt
William Potter wed 1861 to Elizabeth Ann Alomes
Martha Pottinger came c1857 from Adelaide with Joseph Grimmett
Ann Potts came c1849 with Peter Capp
Louisa Potts wed 1853 to Peter Alexander Sinclair
Mary Ann Poulten came c1857 with John Dodson
Henry Jouxson Pound wed 1888 to Sophia Powles
Arthur Hadley Powell wed 1888 to Martha Conduit
Elizabeth Powell wed 1870 to Richard Richards
Elizabeth Grace Powell wed 1888 to Albert James Hince
Flor Emily Powell wed 1911 to Albert Edward Thouliss
Florence Helen Eliza Powell wed 1904 to Thomas Clough
Frederick Albert Powell wed 1885 to Emma Sarah Hines
Giles Powell came c1862 with Eliza Mccarthy
Henry Stephen Powell wed 1868 to Lydia Worthy nee Brown
James Powell wed 1888 to Elizabeth Pickering
John Powell came c1857 with Mary Anne Hadley
John Blythe Powell came c1841 with Catherine Duggan
John Henry Powell wed 1899 to Rebecca Jane Shean
Logan Powell came c1854 with Andrew Mckissock
Louisa Mary Powell wed 1888 to Wilhelm Ramm
Lucy Powell wed 1872 to Thomas Parker
Richard Powell wed 1880 to Cath Waller
Susannah Mary Powell wed 1878 to Edwin Oaten
William Powell wed 1870 to Eliza Sobrina Spurway
William Edward Powell wed 1866 to Ann Trinnick
Charles Power wed 1884 to Agnes Peacock
David Power wed 1894 to Ethel Emma Polglase
Hannah Power wed 1858 to William Hopwood Toole
Mary Ann Power wed 1875 to Joseph Victor Lanfranchi
Patrick Power wed c1883 to Eliza Ann Wrathall
Sophia Ellen Power wed 1883 to Henry Currer
Thomas Power wed 1857 to Elizabeth Sophia Davis
William Power came 1855 on the Epaminondas with Jane Arnold
William Power came 1855 on the Epaminondas with Jemima Russ
Elizabeth Ann Powles wed 1885 to Thomas Henry Dutton
George Powles wed 1860 to Jessie /Janet Kidd
Janet Ann Powles wed 1887 to George Donald Grant
John Powles wed 1855 to Mary Cardell
Mary Anne Powles wed 1877 to Edward Septimus Green
Sophia Powles wed 1888 to Henry Jouxson Pound
Thomas Powles came 1853 on the Argo with Emma Mailes
Thos Richard Wm Powles wed 1883 to Jemima Jenkin
Catherine Eliza Powning wed 1879 to Richard Henry Dove
Catherine Eliza Dove nee Powning wed 1900 to Jno Edw Symons Metherall
Elizabeth Emma Powning wed 1875 to Henry Grose
John Moyle Powning came c1857 with Elizabeth Clark
Louisa Maria Clark Pouning/Powning wed 1880 to John Edward Simmons Metherall
Philippa Mary Powning wed 1878 to William Baker Metherall
Bessie Ann Poynton wed 1901 to Robert John Morse
Edward Poynton wed 1863 to Henrietta Tomlin
James Poynton wed 1862 to Betsy Mcarty nee Wragg
Jonathan Thos Poynton wed 1895 to Edith Cath Hennessy
Phebe (Phoebe) Poynton wed 1887 to Henry James Jackson
William Poynton wed 1894 to Alice Emma Hill
Wm Hy Poynton wed 1899 to Emma Savin
Esther Eliza Poyser wed 18821 to John Henry Dennis
George Emery Poyser wed 1875 to Georgianna Anne Darby
Henry Poyser wed 1882 to Annie Macgeniss/Magennis
Mark Poyser wed 1878 to Mary Ann Poyser
Mary Ann Poyser wed 1878 to Mark Poyser
Matthew Poyser came 1853 on the Atalanta with Eliza Emery
Mary Ann Prankard wed c1860 to Joseph Wallace
Elizabeth Pratt came 1855 on the British Trident with Thomas Dickins
Maria Pratt came 1853 on the Duke Of Richmond with Samuel Clarke
Mary Pratt wed c1860 to Lupton Wrathall
Mary Jane Pratt wed 1876 to William Henry Downer
Thomas Jos Preacher wed 1896 to Rose Glance
Amelia Preedy / Pready wed 1871 to William John Treeby
Eliza Jane Prendergast wed 1852 to William Beard
Peter Prentice wed c1871 to Mary Freemantle
Agnes Prescott wed 1872 to David Hosie
Ellen Jane Prescott wed 1879 to William Robert Endersbee
James Prescott wed 1875 to Margaret Lonie
John Prescott wed 1889 to Marion Brown
Thomas Prescott joined 1858 by Agnes Harrison
Charles Frederick William Presser wed 1879 to Mary Elizabeth Bullen
Edward Charles Pressey wed 1903 to Rachel De Graaf nee Trainor
Margaret Jane Pressey wed 1898 to Robert Herd Lawson
Thomas Pressey came c1868 via Mount Gambier East in South Australia with Margaret Frew/Drew
Rebecca Presswood wed c1852 to John Coates
Albt Preston wed 1884 to Mary Ellen Beale
Alfred Edward William Preston wed 1907 to Sarah Ann Packham
Annie Daphne Preston wed 1887 to Daniel William Swan
Benjamin Preston wed 1879 to Ann Gostelow
Benjamin Preston wed c1854 to Mary Ann Lamprell
Elizabeth Sophia Preston wed 1875 to Frederick James Smith
Hugh Preston wed 1850 to Elizabeth Harriet Harlow/Larlow
James William Preston wed 1878 to Eliza Shorten
Walter Preston wed 1882 to Emma Linsley
Harriet Elizabeth Pretlove wed 1875 to James Harwood

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