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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Agnes Scott wed 1863 to Duncan McLennan
Albert George Scott wed c1891 to Laura Walkerden
Andrew Scott wed 1887 to Elizabeth Agnes Peck
Bella Scott wed 1895 to David Russell Arnold
Charlotte Mcdonald Scott wed 1876 to James Watt Reid
David Scott wed 1856 to Annie Christie
Edwin Robert Scott wed 1884 to Annie Crews Bulley
Eliza Scott wed 1885 to Frederick Peter Giles
Elizabeth Allan Scott wed 1858 to Nathan Norris
Emily Jane Scott wed 1863 to Henry Brideson
Emily Jane Brideson nee Scott wed 1876 to Thomas Cross
Esther Scott wed 1831 to Henry Brown
Fanny Scott wed 1885 to William Prior Dawson
Isaac Strachan Scott wed 1883 to Mary Doretta Flinn
Isabella Scott wed 1869 to James Alexander McKay
Isabelle (Bella) Scott wed 1895 to David Russell Arnold
Isabelle Keillor (Isa) Scott wed 1911 to William Arnold
Jane Scott wed 1877 to George Apppleyard
John Scott wed 1894 to Emily Coad Hawken
John Brown Scott wed 1857 to Charlotte Hannah Chapman
John Henry Scott wed 1870 to Elizabeth Hansford
Letitia Scott came 1853 via the Belle Creole to join Charles James Worsley
Margt Isabella Mary Scott wed 1909 to Edward Charles Phayer
Mary Scott wed 1858 to Matthewe Runciman
Mary Jane Scott wed 1889 to David Kohn
Peter Christie Scott wed 1884 to Mary Simpkin
Robert Scott wed 1856 to Mary Kerrison
Robert Scott wed 1880 to Alice Elizabeth Farrar
Sarah Scott wed c1889 to James Slorach
Thomas Scott wed 1877 to Agnes Isabella Ireland
William Scott came 1865 on the Lightning with Mary Unknown
Emma Scown came c1855 with John Blencowe
Ellen Frances Scudder wed 1907 to Earnest Nicholas Leeder
William Frederick Scudder wed 1886 to Mary Jane Howie
Neal Scullin wed 1869 to Rose Lynch
Hannah (Honora) Scully wed 1856 to Patrick McGinty
Charlotte Elizth Sculthorp wed 1880 to Thomas Bones
Margaret Scurrah wed 1890 to James Mckinlay Hodge
Thomas Scurrah wed 1858 to Elizabeth Tully
George Francis Charles Seabridge wed 1905 to Eleanor May Coldrey
Thomas Seabridge wed 1869 to Mary Ann Howse Crocker
Christiana Elizth Seadon wed 1866 to Charles Frederick Ruffin
Eunice Seadon wed 1917 to Samuel East
Thomas Seadon wed 1884 to Sarah Osman
Christina Ann Seager wed 1885 to John Kell
Emily Augusta Seager wed 1875 to Charles Wood
Henry Seager wed 1853 to Elizabeth Bowrey
Louisa Adelaide Seager wed 1878 to William Henry Hickingbotham
William Robert Seager wed 1900 to Sarah Ann Mayman
Matilda Sealy wed 1856 at Tasmania to Thomas Cunningham Renshaw
Cath Esther Seamer wed 1889 to Edward Pay
James Seamer came c1858 from Tasmania with Catherine Sarah Cornwall
Mary Anne Seamer wed 1894 to James Allen Garden
Rebecca Seamer wed 1899 to Alex James McLennan
Thomas Seamer wed 1890 to Agnes Timewell
Elizabeth Seamons came c1859 with eorge Walker
Fitz Jas Searight wed 1897 to Jessie Margaret Veitch
Sohpia Searl wed 1858 to James Scarf
Elizabeth Jane Searle wed 1861 to Benjamin Cropley
Mary Searle wed 1888 to John Leahy Doneal
Mary Ann Searle wed 1855 to John Cropley
Thomas Sears wed c1888 to Layer Hancock
Andrew Seater cane c1854 with Isabella Miller
Andrew Seater wed 1867 to Amelia Riley
Cath Isobella Seater wed 1914 to Frank Peter Grinter
Eliza Seater wed 1906 to Christopher John Moorfoot
Jane Seater wed 1878 to Donald Ross
John Seater wed 1874 to Catherine Burrell
John Seater wed 1908 to Alice Jane Gilchrist
Margaret Seater wed 1882 to William Wykes
Mary Seater wed 1909 to Joseph Robert Driscoll
Susan May Seater wed 1905 to Frank Lawrence Stevens
William Henry Seater wed 1893 to Emily Jane Allan
Charles Henry Seaton wed 1859 to Louisa Burdett
Adam Seddon came 1855 with Elizabeth Nagington
Elizth Seddon wed 1895 to William Folster
Esther Amelia Seddon wed 1883 to Theodore James Deslandes
James Seddon was joined 1853 via the Thames by Ruth Williamson
Sarah Jane Seddon wed 1882 to William Colston
William Seddon wed 1865 to Elizabeth Gregory
William Sedgwick wed 1889 to Miriam Eynon
Philip Seeber wed 1862 to Mary Ann Exon
Thomas Seen wed 1874 to Rebecca Glover
Emily Martha Sefton/Seften wed 1868 to Samuel Sandrey Bazeley
Fanny Stephanie Seitz wed 1856 to Jesse Jameson Steel
Edward Selby wed 1888 to Ellen Carman
Geo Selby wed 1898 to Elizabeth Forrest
Emily Phoebe Sell wed 1882 to George Farrow
Harriet Sell wed 1880 to William Ainger
John Sell came c1857 with Sarah Ann Caldecote
John Sell wed 1862 to Mary Ann Starling
Mary Jane Sell wed c1878 to Jacobus Adrianus Degraaff
William John Sell came 1853 on the Nebraska followed 1853 via the Helen Lindsay by Phoebe Emily Judge
Luka Sillovich /Selloveck wed 1872 to Elizabeth Dingle
Jessie Sarah Selwood wed 1886 to Charles James Cheetham
Helena/Ellen Sallings/Sallens/Selwyn wed 1885 to Francis Gehan
Alice Jane Semple wed 1887 to John George Aikman
Emily Sergeant wed 1887 to Andrew Wilson McFeeters
Jane Jones nee Sergeant wed 1862 to Neil McIntosh
Robert Sergeant wed 1861 to Mary Elizabeth Coombs Spicer
Selina Serong wed 1846 to Joze Silva
Alfred Serpell wed 1864 to Margaret Corker
Eleanor Caroline Serpell wed 1887 to William Henry Garaba Ellingworth
Elizth Jane Service wed 1857 at Shore St Pres Church, Donaghadee, Down, Ireland to Robert Crothers
Henry Seuling wed 1887 to Jane/Jean Lennox
Henry Senling/ Seuling wed 1859 to Ellen Leary
Mary Ellen Seuling wed 1881 to Felix Frederick Bubeck
Mary Ann Seward came 1848 on the Emperor with William Griffiths

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