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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Sarah Ann Sherman came c1880 with Patrick Kelly
Humphrey George Christopher Sherriff wed 1884 to Annie Lavina Stewart
Bertha Eliza Sherwill wed 1899 to Robert James Blackburne
George Thomas Sherwill wed 1881 to Mary Wilson Bower
James Sherwill wed 1858 to Elizabeth Culph
James Richard Sherwill wed 1898 to Adeline Mary Collins
Wm Henry Sherwill wed 1894 to Esther Rebecca Susanah Bugbord Newton
Christopher Lowther Shield wed 1897 to Mary Ann Fredericka Schonfelder
Mary Ann Shingler wed 1891 to Franklin Bastin
Annie Maria Shingles wed 1872 to Thomas Nisbet
Arthur Shingles wed 1886 to Elizabeth Pentland
Fred James Shingles wed 1881 to Mary Alford
James Shingles wed 1853 to Mary Ann Price
John Michael Shinner wed 1898 to Fanny Newcombe
Martin Lawrence Shinner wed c1898 to Evelyn Goldsworthy
Maude Charlotte Cornish Shinner wed 1920 to Clyde Henry Boyle
Patrick Shinner came c1870 with Margaret Maher
Thomas John Shinner wed c1905 to Cath Stephenson
Eva Catherine Shipp wed 1874 to George Harrison
Sarah Shirley wed c1886 to Arthur Wood
Alfred Shoebridge came c1855 with Marion Agnes Edsell
Charles Shoebridge wed 1892 to Jessie Logan Mitchell
Edward Batten Shoebridge wed 1863 to Annie O'Brien
Edward George Shoebridge wed 1900 to Johanna Mary Nolte
Florence Shoebridge wed 1884 to John Drummond Kirkland
Frederick John Shoebridge wed 1901 to Agnace Stella Bell
Thomas Arthur Shoebridge wed 1886 to Rose Pritchard alias Smith
Thomas Arthur Shoebridge wed 1886 to Rose Pritchard
Alfred Shone wed 1897 in Hobart, Tasmania to Florence Blakeney
Maria Louisa Shooter wed 1854 to John Sutton
Easter Anne Shore came 1854 on the Agra with Charles Simeon Whiffin
Louisa Shoreback wed 1865 to Martin Pumpa
Mary Short wed 1857 to Robert Brown
Eliza Shorten wed 1878 to James William Preston
Elizabeth Shorten wed 1886 to John Thomas Ellis
Goymer Shorten convict granted permission to wed 1857 to Jane Duce
Mary Jane Shorten wed 1886 to Amos Smith Beever
Susannah (Susan Hannah) Shorten wed 1890 to Jas Burgess
Thomas Shorten wed 1889 to Mary Logan
William Henry Shorten wed 1898 to Sarah Elizabeth Irons
Thos Shortis wed 1899 to Mary Fisk
Mary Shortridge wed 1879 to Ernest Alfred Punshon
George Shoulder wed 1846 in Tasmania to Mary Ann Gardiner Wrathall
Eliza Schoberg Showberg) wed 1883 to Orlando Henri Beater Christian
Rebecca Shreeve wed c1863 in WA to Jesse David Leeder
Sarah Shueard/Shuard came c1867 with William Bray
Bridget Shunny came c1864 with Patrick Cormack
Celia Elizabeth Shuttleworth wed 1905 to George Punshon
Eleanor/Ellen, Helena Shuttleworth wed 1882 to Alfred Fredk Trueman
Frederick William Shuttleworth wed 1907 to Constance Frances Dike
Grace Eliz Shuttleworth wed 1893 to Frank Duke
James Everet Shuttleworth wed 1903 to Violet Ann Tyler
Joseph Reed Shuttleworth wed 1872 to Maria Lee
Lucy Bertha Shuttleworth wed 1882 to John Barclay
Lucy Bertha Barclay nee Shuttleworth wed 1893 to Alex Claude Mcintosh
Maria Annie Shuttleworth wed 1856 to John William Lyon
Thomas Shuttleworth wed 1878 to Martha Sincock
Thomas George Shuttleworth wed 1907 to Frances Mary Ditchburn
Thomas Richmond Shuttleworth wed 1860 to MaryBrown
William Shuttleworth wed 1846 to Elizabeth Slater
William Shuttleworth wed 1877 to Elizabeth Ann Deady
Isabella Sibbald wed 1853 to Charles Young Trotter
Charles Sibley came 1872 on the Somersetshire with Emma Sayers
Eliza Sibley wed 1850 to William Stockbridge Wedd
Elizabeth Sibley wed 1879 to Abraham Trevascus
Emma Sibley came c1853 with William Stephens
Elizabeth Ann Sibly wed 1876 to Leonard George Hailes
Arthur Geo Langford Sidebottom wed 1903 to Ethel Maud Mary Purchase
Emma Langford Sidebottom wed 1865 to William Saunders
Emma Langford Sidebottom wed 1886 to William Smith
Grace Langford Sidebottom wed 1899 to Aubrey Marcus Gerald Bowles
John William Sidebottom wed 1889 to Mary Jane Monti
Robert Langford Sidebottom wed 1886 to Theresa Sarah Mary Hollaway
Samuel Able Langford Sidebottom wed 1860 to Susan Baker
Susannah Langford Sidebottom wed 1889 to John Henry James Holloway
William Sidebottom wed 1839 to Emma Hale
William Langford Sidebottom wed 1867 to Janet Cameron
Antonia Siefkin wed 1882 to William Tainsh
Jno Silburn wed 1897 to Alice Proud
Lydia Silk came 1851 on the Statesman with Henry Clifford
Anne Silke wed 1859 to Samuel Rea
Edward Silke wed 1870 to Clara Lewis
Edwin Lewis Silke wed c1906 to Mary Ferguson Warnock
Elizabeth Date Silke wed 1852 to George Albert Howe
Frederick George Silke wed 1907 to Elizabeth Mary Arnold
George Ernest Silke wed 1916 to Olive Esther Oxley
Harriet Silke wed 1859 to John Cyrus Martin
James Silke wed 1858 to Elizabeth Wallis
John Silke wed 1905 to Martha Elizabeth Fotheringham
John Gill Silke came 1850 with Ann Date
John Hurley Silke wed 1858 to Elizabeth Dempster
Louisa Silke wed 1874 to Edward Bright
Margaret Mary Brisbane Silke wed 1888 to Charles Farmer
Mary Silke wed 1856 to George Brodie
William Silke wed 1874 to Jessie Ellen Francis
Bircham Sillett wed 1883 to Elizabeth Jane Price
Catherine Emily Sillett wed 1887 to Thomas Arthur Marsland
James William Sillett came c1853 with Sally Frary
Robert Sillett wed 1887 to Marion Flora Login
Joseph Silva came c1870 with Catherine Brogan
Joze Silva wed 1846 to Selina Serong
Mary Catherine Silva wed 1908 to Henry Adolphus Droscher
Augustianna Silver wed 1868 to George Fithall

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