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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Alfred Thwaites wed 1882 to Susannah Wiffen
Alice Annie Thwaites wed 1883 to Henry George Eades
Eleanor Elizabeth Thwaites wed 1880 to William Henry Hurford
Ethel Thwaites wed 1893 to Herbt Arth Fitzpatrick
Harriet Eva Thwaites wed 1897 to Geo Hy Edw Robson
Isabella Thwaites wed 1890 to Alexr Galbraith
James Thwaites wed 1898 to Alice Germaine
John Thwaites came 1858 on the Africa with Mary Ann Martin
Louisa Thwaites wed 1881 to Fred White
Thomas Henry Thwaites wed 1851 to Eliza Raven
William Thwaites wed 1877 to Elizabeth Ferrers
William John Thwaites wed 1890 to Amy Ann Wiffin
Charlotte Tibbs came c1853 with Robert Dyer
William Tice wed 1866 to Christina Annie Telfer Crockett
Thomas Tickner wed 1873 to Elizabeth Murrell
Ann Tidd wed 1862 to Henry John Simpson
Ann Simpson nee Tidd wed 1873 to Thomas Halden
Henry Tidd came 1853 on the Maruian Moore with Frances Elizabeth Samuel
James Tidd wed 1865 to Eliza March
James Tidd wed 1874 to Charlotte Ludlow
Mary Tidd wed 1874 to John White
Vara Tidd wed 1870 to Evangeline Johnson
Mary Tidyman wed 1863 to Walker Thompson
Margaret Tierney came c1853 with Matthew Murnane
Michael Tierney wed 1874 to Johanna O'Connor
William John Tierney wed c1908 to Alice Maud Storer
Anna Elizabeth Tietze came c1862 with Christian Baum
John Stalley Tilbrook wed 1886 to Mary Ann Forrester
John Tilburn came 1856 on the City Of Manchester then joined by Jane Gill
Mary Jane Tilburn wed 1884 to Edward Ernest Ham
Sarah Ann Tilburn wed 1873 to Willoughby Harrison Tootell
William Edward Tilburn wed 1883 to Emma Caroline Dehne
Edmund Tiley came 1857 with Emma Lester
Edmund Tiley wed 1868 to Louisa Panther
Maria Tiley wed c1897 to Isaac John Gillingham
Mary Tyley/ Tiley wed 1879 to James Wills
Thomas Tiley wed 1885 to Annie Maria Gillingham
Elizabeth Jane Tilley wed 1892 to Luke Charles Strickland
Emily Eliza Tilley wed 1874 to Joseph Henry Trigg
Hannah Victoria Tilley wed 1890 to Thomas John Mcconachy
John Tilley wed 1867 to Victoria Leah/Leake
John Leake Tilley wed c1899 to Elizabeth Maria Dorothea Fredericka Mcdonnell
Sarah Tilley came c1861 with John Stanscel Griffiths
Sarah Emily Tilley wed c1896 to George Samuel Warner
Charles Tilson came c1851 with Mary Moloney
Emily Jane Tilson wed 1882 to William Pat Tynan
Georgina Tilson wed c1884 to William Sandlant
Agnes Timewell wed 1890 to Thomas Seamer
James Timmins wed c1907 to Alice Eliza Burgoine
Mary Ann Timmins wed 1849 to Edward Martin
Susan Timmins wed 1882 to George Henry Clifford
Thomas Witaker/Whittacker Timmins wed 1877 to Eliza Jane Jessop
William Timmins wed 1887 to Eleanor Mary Rule
William James Timmins wed 1859 to Mary Ann Spice
Edward Timms wed 1891 to Selina Jane Conduit
Robert Oliphant Timms wed 1876 to Margaret Mickle Lyall
WilliamTimms wed 1841 to Cecilia Anderson
William Fowler Timms wed c1867 to Helen Anderson
Susannah Tindall wed 1835 in NSW to Robert Williams
Mary Tingley wed c1865 to James Cheetham
Eliza Tinker wed c1896 to William Samuel Kearns
Lizzie Anne Tinker wed 1886 to Charles Hodgson
Mary Ann Tinker came c1861 with Robert Ward
John Tinney came c1862 with Jane Stephens
John Stephens Tinney wed 1891 to Anne Grigg
John Stephens Tinney wed 1891 to Anne Grigg
William Henry Tinney wed 1905 to Ruth Marian Grigg
Geo Tinworth wed 1893 to Loverna Eveline Detering
Emma Tipper came c1855 with James Tranter
Fanny Tippet came c1860 with Gustavus Meredith Warner
Joseph Tippet wed 1884 to Minnie Bartlett
John Tippett wed 1897 to Evangeline Grace Berryman
Margaret Topley/Tippley came 1852 on the Charlotte Jane and was joined 1854 via the Lightning by his family and Henry Dobinson
Emma Tissott wed 1890 to Alfred Free
Henry Tissott wed 1853 at Portland Presbyterian church to Emma Sutherland
Alfred Titheridge wed 1857 to Alicia Hughes
Alfred Titheridge wed 1877 to Jane Gardner Medcalf
Henry Titheridge wed 1863 to Louisa Harriett Bush
Robert Titheridge wed 1868 to Alice Middleton
Sarah Jane Titheridge wed 1900 to Adam Joseph Marr
Annie Mathilda Titus wed 1881 to William John Radnell
Flora Jane Titus wed 1891 to William Keogh
John Titus wed 1854 in Victoria to Mary Wiggins
Mary Ellen Titus wed 1888 to James Edward Strack
Thomas Titus wed 1883 to Eleanor Ann Davies
William Titus wed 1879 to Elizabeth Emery
William Titus wed 1897 at Talbot to Ada Reason
Ernest Charles Tivendale wed 1913 to Florance Marden
George Frederick Tivendale wed c1908 to Ethel Georgeann Harris
Hilda Louisa Tivendale wed 1909 to Henry Tidyman Thompson
James Tivendale came 1853 on the Childe Harold with Janet Skeel
James Peebles Tivendale wed 1877 to Eliza Catherine Stevenson
Janet Annie Tivendale wed c1903 to Chas Hector Cecil Thomas
John James Tivendale wed 1903 to Sarah McCamish
Robert Mason Tivendale wed 1880 to Annie Mary Durdin
Susan Tivendale wed 1889 to John Butler Cooper
Thomas Tivendale wed 1874 to Susan Anglin
William Tivendale wed 1893 to May Ross
William Thomas Tivendale wed 1916 to Rosetta Amelia May Harris
Alfred Tivey wed 1868 to Eliza A White
Joseph Tivey wed 1854 to Margaret Hayes
Joseph Arthur Tivey wed 1883 to Mary Freeman
Maud Margaret Tivey wed 1903 to Frederick Surrey Erwin
Samuel Tivey wed 1881 in NSW to Margaret Proctor
William Tivey convict granted permission to wed 1835 to Eliza Hollins
Emma Jane Tizzer wed 1882 to Robert Hobden Bowley
Susan Harris Tizzer wed 1880 to George Frederick Wood

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