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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Joseph Treffene came c1864 with Elizabeth Hughes
Louise Treffene wed 1896 at Dunolly to John Smithers Roberts
Margaret Treffene wed 1901 at Dunolly to William Alonza Hearn
William Albert Treffene wed 1914 to Ethel Droscher
Elizabeth Treganowan wed 1885 to Carl Jacoby
Emily Treganowan wed 1898 to Albert George Coldrey
Emily Rebecca Treganowan wed 1888 to David Pithie Irvine
Emily Rebecca Manea Treganowan wed 1882 to Richard John Harvey
Ernest Arthur Treganowan wed 1909 to Minnie Vict Margt Smith
Henry Treganowan came c1864 with Emily (Emma) Jeffreys
Henry Treganowan wed 1895 to Amy Walford
John Ambrose Treganowan wed 1885 to Catharine Hicks
John Ambrose Treganowan wed c1900 to Lilian Mary Barber
Thomas James Treganowan wed 1884 to Jane Bofill
William Treganowan wed 1855 to Elizabeth Ann Treloar
William Henry Treganowan wed 1880 to Elizabeth Ann Cross
Thomas Tregear wed 1878 to Jessie Wigley
Ann Tregillis came 1849 on the Pakenham to South Australia with Richard Johns
Edward Tregillis wed 1912 to Catherine Agnes Fitzgerald
George Tregillis wed 1905 to Victoria Adelaide Cundall Matthews
Henry Tregillis wed 1920 to Teresa Margaret Meaney
James Tregillis wed 1871 to Catherine Heffernan
Elizabeth Jane Tregoning came 1861 to join William Henry Jewell
Elizabeth Ann Tregonowan wed 1875 to William Nicholls
Susan Jane Treleven wed 1883 to Archelaus Ackland Muxworthy
Elizabeth Ann Treloar came c1869 with Josiah Roberts
Elizabeth Ann Treloar wed 1855 to William Treganowan
Elizabeth Ann Treloar wed 1902 to George Elvey Irons
Ellen Treloar wed c1858 to Samuel Nicholls
Emily Treloar wed 1859 to William Nicholls
Henry William Treloar came c1855 to Victoria with Nancy Whitburn
James Treloar wed 1867 to Hamutal Looker
Ann Trembath wed 1877 to George Gill
Catherine Trembath wed 1892 to John Lysaght
Eliza Helen Trembath wed 1893 to Fredk Adolf Meyer
Emanuel Trembath came c1858 with Mary Ann Orchard
Emma Trembath wed 1888 to Frederick Davies Brunier
Henry Trembath wed 1859 to Eliza Jane Rowe
Jacob Rowe Trembath wed 1874 to Miriam Esplin nee Symons
James Trembath came c1857 with Cordelia Wallace
James Trembath came c1864 with Mary Ann Gent
James Trembath came c1867 with Mary Ann Taylor
James Trembath wed c1870 to Eliza Sampson Pengelly
John Trembath came 1866 with Honor Harvey Thomas
John Trembath came c1855 with Ann Author
Richard Trembath came 1871 on the Bengal with Elizabeth Ann Thomas
Richard Trembath wed 1857 to Mary Ann Hocking
Richard Trembath wed 1862 to Elizabeth Jones
Richard Trembath wed 1867 to Elizabeth Jane Warren
Richard Trembath wed 1879 to Grace Rogers
Richard Edward Trembath wed 1861 to Elizabeth Rodda
Richard Henry Trembath wed 1896 to Ruth Jane Eynon
Samuel Trembath came c1863 with Harriet Hobbs
Thomas Trembath came c1857 with Adelaide Love
Thomas Trembath came c1857 with Elizabeth Jane Richards
Thomas Trembath wed 1860 to Nanny Hall
Thomas Trembath wed 1866 to Johanna Warren
Thomas Trembath wed 1867 to Charlotte Furly/ Turley
Thomas Trembath wed 1885 to Mary Louisa Hull
William Trembath came c1856 with Johanna Edwards
William Trembath wed 1857 to Jane Hill
Charles Edwin Tremewen wed 1888 to Rebecca Coppel
Charles Le Poer Trench wed 1887 to Eugenie Elizabeth Millin
Robert Le Poer Trench came c1854 with Mary Sadler
Sophia Le Poer Trench wed 1858 to James Grant Taylor
Charles Trenchard wed 1858 to Anne Amelia Jarvis
Charles Trenchard wed 1858 to Ann Amelia Jarvis / Jervis
Charles Henry Trenchard wed 1905 to Fenella Marina Walkerden
Elias Trenchard came c1857 with Charlotte Cooke
George William Trenchard wed 1881 to Bertha Bushly
Jane Esther Trenchard wed 1888 to Charles Henry Lampitt
Mary Susan Trender came 1849 on the Royal George with John Standeven
Catherine Marshal Trenery wed 1878 to William Cruthers
Jane Adelaide Trenery wed 1879 to Joseph Jordan Bale
Joseph Henry Trenery wed 1882 to Sarah Jane Wolstenholme
Joseph Henry Trenery wed 1891 to Frances Loney
Philip Trenery came 1853 to South Australia with Elizabeth Ann Williams
Esther Ann Matthews Trenoweth wed 1887 to George Alfred Pallot
Jane Matthews Trenoweth wed 1882 to John Henry Pallot
Joseph Trenoweth wed 1863 to Margaret Johnson
William Trenoweth came 1852 on the Clifton with Johanna Lenderyou
John Trenowth came c1853 with Mary Ann Matthews
Mary Mathews Trenowth wed 1865 to Nicholas Main Grills /Grylls
Mary Jane Tresidder wed 1885 to Thomas James Alderson
Richard Tresidder came c1864 with Bridget Liddy
Sabina Birch Trethewey came 1857 on the Appleton with Thomas Best
Abraham Trevascus wed 1879 to Elizabeth Sibley
Abraham Trevascus wed 1901 to Alice Maud Elizth Sims
Elizabeth Emma Trevascus wed 1906 to Robt Alex Hy Waddell
William Charles Trevascus wed 1903 to Mary Matilda Key
Charles Trevatt wed 1879 to Sarah Ann Appleby
Sarah Trevean wed 1859 to Thomas Middlin
Alfred Trevena wed 1862 to Eliza Hockey
Alfred Trevena wed 1871 to Eliza Towers
Alfred Trevena wed 1892 to Kate Curtis
Anthony James Trevena wed 1886 to Susan Muir
Elizabeth Ann Trevena wed 1885 to Frederick Robinson
Emmeline Sarah Trevena wed 1905 to Philip Henry Peart
Harrie Edwin Harke Trevena wed 1907 to Margaret Colbert
John Trevena came 1849 on the Thetis with Susan Bray
Joseph Trevena wed 1850 to Martha Cundy
Josiah Trevena came c1854 with Corsceda Behenna/ Coriceda/Correceda Grose/Groves
Mary Jane Trevena wed 1878 to Peter Frayne
Mary Jane Frayne nee Trevena wed 1899 to William Henry Blackney
Nicholas John Trevena wed 1901 to Emily Francis Sutton
Susan Ann Trevena wed 1872 to Edwin Harden
William Trevena came c1851 with Jane Chynoweth
William Trevena wed 1885 to Jane Roxana Goodwin
William HenryTrevena wed 1869 to Caroline Frances Vinge
William Thomas Trevena wed 1893 to Elizth Frances Pearce
Ada May Trevenen wed 1900 to John Lewis Bremer
James Luke Trevenen wed 1863 to Mary Smith

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