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The first known generation of over 20748 persons counted 31 Dec 2006 forming Pioneer families (most in Victoria).
The first event is often a Wedding or birth in Australia, otherwise the date they came to Australia is given, or an estimate of it. I am particularly interested in the ship they came on.

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Anne Eliza Tout wed 1883 to Francis Edward Worsley
Eliza (Elvira) Emily Tout wed 1884 to Jonathan Bennett
Elizabeth Ann Tout wed 1880 to Silas Lewtas
Grace Ann Tout wed 1870 to James Lawrence
Jane Ann Tout wed 1888 to Thomas Dewar
John Tout wed 1854 to Jane Elizabeth Woolley
Mary Ann Tout wed 1889 to Jno Emmerson Dale
Sarah Ann Tout wed 1884 to Charles Frederick Thompson
Thomas Tout came 1855 on the Samarang with Sarah Ann Tourl
William Tout wed 1886 to Amelia Walker
Eliza Towers wed 1871 to Alfred Trevena
Matthew Towers wed 1857 to Eliza Tricky
David Townsend wed 1894 to Louisa Amy Hare
Elizabeth Townsend came 1871 on the Star of India with Albert Gill
Gordon Hy Jno Townsend wed 1917 to Annie Beatrice Bradford
Henry Townsend wed 1892 to Emily Jane Harris
Mary Ann Townsend wed 1866 to Thomas Pardon Sulman
Edward Toy came c1851 from Cornwall with Zillah Gundry
Edward Toy wed 1869 to Jemima Eslick
Elizth Jane Toy wed 1902 to Edward Bawden
Emily Toy wed 1874 to Joseph Haynes
Harriet Ann Toy wed 1867 to William Dower
Jane Toy wed 1855 to William Berryman
Oliver Toy wed 1873 to Isabella Burgess
William Toy wed 1880 to Elizabeth Pryor Nicholls
Zillah Toy wed 1873 to Thomas Evans
Susan Beatrice Toyer wed c1873 to Samuel Ramsay
Mary Tozer came c1856 with John Barns
Agnes Tracey wed 1903 to William Charles Geary
Mary Tracey wed 1869 to Spiridione Tussup
Thomas Tracey wed 1871 to Elizabeth Wardle
James Hay Train wed 1869 to Eliza Arculus Reid
Esther Trainer came c1870 with Frederick Dettmering
Edward Thomas Trainor wed 1904 to Cath Watson Jamison
Edward Thomas Trainor wed 1914 to Isabella Cameron Fraser
Edward Thomas Trainor wed c1904 to Cath Watson Jamieson
Elizabeth Trainor wed 1897 to William Henry Sandlant
Kathleen Josephine Trainor wed c1900 to Joseph O'Bree
Patrick Trainor came c1868 with Teresa Shannon
Rachel Trainor wed 1898 to George Antony De Graaf
Rachel De Graaf nee Trainor wed 1903 to Edward Charles Pressey
Robert Trainor wed 1899 to Catherine Jane Wark
William Trainor wed 1861 to Jane Mackrell
William George Trainor wed 1897 to Ellen Elizabeth Frusher
James Tranter came c1855 with Emma Tipper
Jemima Ann Tranter wed 1910 to Charles Hellyar
Stephen Tranter wed 1868 to Frances Carol/Caroline Anstee
Stephen Tranter/ Trantor wed c1851 to Margaret Fitzgerald
Harriet Elizabeth Trapnell wed 1859 to William Rose
Alfred George Trass wed 1894 to Phillis Barbara Cousins
Sophia Trayherne came 1852 with Thomas Best
Isabella Traynor wed 1866 to Emil Ludwig/ Martin Schultze
James Traynor wed 1875 to Mary Jane Axtill
Joseph Traynor wed 1874 to Alice Heilbronn
Margt Rachel Traynor wed 1911 to George Grinter
Thomas Traynor wed 1842 to Margaret Bollard
Thomas Traynor wed 1872 to Mary Ann Parish
Alfred Ernest Treadwell wed c1897 to Catherine Marg Biggs
Alfred James Treadwell wed 1910 to Mary Marg Witton
Charlotte Grace Treadwell wed 1900 to Edward Richd Tertins Dunster
Edward Cooper Treadwell wed 1887 to Mary Jane Dawson
Frank Hartley Treadwell wed 1893 to Flora Fulton
James Treadwell wed 1867 to Mary Jane Ching
John Treadwell wed 1858 to Ellen Dean
John Treadwell wed 1884 to Agnes Fanny Reilly, Riley/ Filey
John Treadwell wed 1884 to Agnes Fanny Reilly, Filey/ Riley
John Thomas Treadwell wed 1894 to Margaret Hastings
Maria Treadwell wed 1866 to William Renshaw
Martha Maria Treadwell wed 1884 to Albert Riley
Martha Maria Treadwell wed 1902 to Wm Ernt Duncan
Mary Elizabeth Treadwell wed 1894 to Thomas Bell
Thomas Treadwell came 1849 on the Tasman with Martha Hornblow
Thomas Treadwell wed 1880 to Hannah Cook
Victor Leigh Treadwell wed 1930 to Elizabeth Lillian Blabey
Vincent Treadwell wed 1883 to Maria Savage
William Treadwell wed 1877 to Mary Ann Riley nee Nickells
William James Treadwell wed 1898 to Susie McGibbney
Adelaide Annie Treble wed 1904 to Ernest James Hancock
Agnes Treble wed 1906 to Charles Henry Britten
Albert Harold Treble wed 1920 to Vera Ashman Willcox
Arthur Richard Treble wed 1884 to Ellen Currie
Frederick Edward Treble wed 1856 to Mary Cornelius Lang
Frederick John Treble wed 1884 to Jane Peart
Frederick John Treble wed 1893 to Mary Ann Melton
Hannah Matilda Treble wed 1892 to Francis Needham Mercer
Hannah Matilda Treble wed 1907 to George Edward Taylor
Jane Laura Treble wed c1894 to John Roberts
Mary Elizabeth Treble wed 1886 to William McGregor
William Henry Treble wed 1894 to Elizabeth Margaret (Bessie) Wakefield
Amelia Matilda Treeby wed 1891 to Robt Chas Wood
Annie Treeby wed 1895 to Wm Jos Knott
Bessie Beatrice Treeby wed 1915 to Robert Leslie Wilson
Edith Mary Treeby wed 1895 to Henry Duncumb Price
Ellen Emma Treeby wed 1902 to Charles Henry Wilding
George Herbert Treeby wed 1908 to Lillian Emily Deason
Susannah Brown (also called Susanah Brown Treeby came 1844 on the Sea Queen with James Bickford Moysey
William John Treeby wed 1871 to Amelia Preedy / Pready

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