Bouncing Balls Moody Blue

I was very involved with my Poms when Alex joined our family. My main concern
was how he would get along with my Poms. : ) My senior brood bitch (Pom) put 
him in his place on day one by biting his nose when he stuck it in her food bowl. 
He carried the scar to his entire life.
He adored the Poms and considered them part of his "flock". He even protected 
them from me when I would correct them. Trimming their nails and giving 
shots was quiet a challenge as he covered them with his head so I couldn't get to 
them. When Fever died in Feb of 2000, It took me 4 hours to get Alex to let me 
have the body. He curled around the little bed and wouldn't let me near. I had to
crate him while I buried my best friend.
He didn't measure up to the show dog I dreamed of, but he earns his keep daily 
by being my constant companion, loving friend, and protector. He has been 
neutered which makes life more pleasant for all of us.



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