1. Guild’s Name: Blue Mist

2. Web page URL: http://www.oocities.com/mistybluuk/rp.html 

3. Guild E-mail contact: Green_Fox@yahoo.com

4. Rah’s Furcadia Name: Messenger Wind

5. Taneests’ (Taneestas’) names: The guild grew so fast that It was decided that 

                                                       we should have one Taneest for every 10 


Knight Vetro
Kathleana Star
Bazerker D'Alitar

6. Ten Founding members and their email addresses: 

Arthen Gabbit3@hotmail.com

Kathlena Star katmcfiz@charter.net.com

Wm Luc-Ferris wmlucferris@hotmail.com

Emuin LegendfuryX@aol.com

Knight Vetro vetrok@netzero.net

Jade Spiritwolf blac_pantherz@yahoo.com

Gin Blossom lovecatpaws@yahoo.com

Swiftbite Cecil_Harvey@gamespotmail.com

Malagant kb6yav@earthlink.net

Gokan279 (Myystic Gokan) dman3020@excite.com

(see our web page for more members)

7. Guild Dream title: BlueMist Castle

8. Guild dream location: Imaganirium. Down the road on the right behind the 10 


9. How to Join: See Messenger Wind or one of the 6 council members

10. Your Guild's Continuity: Simple pure RPing fun. We try to make our RP as 

      Twink proof as possible. And for most furrys in furcadia that's all they really 


11. Style of play: Choose one Persona Play using our own set of rules

12. Continuity's Tech Level: Renaissance 

13. Types of charters you Continuity supports: The sky is the limit all I ask is that 

       is not too far fetched, too godlike or in any way Ruins the RP of others. I 

       recommend furrys start out simple.

14. Combat: Combat is done using our own special combat rules and online dice. 

15. Backstory:


Good, Evil, these mean very little to us.
It is not the goal we seek but the path
That leads to its end.
We come from near and far, to do what you say?
we come simply to do. The reason does not matter
If the outcome is desirable.
Why do I tell our story as a riddle?
Because the riddle you seek is not ours alone.
It is the riddle of existence.
No we are not a group of thinkers seeking the 
meaning of life. We are a kingdom of people.
All People.
From our humble Gardner to the king himself we all
see ourselves as what we want to be. It is the 
quest for ourselves.
We are a kingdom of the world. Each of us seeks our 
own path. And by doing so we become a small 
portion of the world itself.
Meaning we can conduct our duties and trading with
Anyone under the sun or moon. We welcome all to 
our gates who can respect.
All we ask is that you accept, honor or repay our
Hospitality. We are this. We are that. we are all 
and none. We are the kingdom of 



16. Role-play positions and factions: 

Council Member
Head Captain

1st class-Third class soldier

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