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When making this guild I wanted to create a system that was almost Twink proof. I wanted to combine the flexibility of a free styling and the organization of a Dice roller. I searched Furcadia and dug up the best qualities in almost every system I could find And this is what I got. I'm still not sure how well it works or if it will be a successes but it certainly looks good enough on paper to do the job.


To find out about Blue Mists ranking system simply click on the link bellow.

Link to Ranking System

Role Playing rules


No one is indestructible.


There is always a way out of any situation, but doing so does not mean you do so without getting hurt.


No one post kills.


All OOC actions should not go IC and vise versa.


Everyone has there own way of RPing. Don't tell others what to do unless there a newbie and need instructions.


A players character is only as powerful as his or her imagination.  The best RPing fighters I have known are very resourceful, Originality is always encouraged.


Death is a part of life. Do not be afraid of death.  If you should die then look for opportunities to be resurrected.  In ghost form you may venture anywhere you wish but the longer you remain dead the harder it is for you to come back to life.  There is nothing wrong with just making a new character. Its not that you die its how you die.


Twinking is a term that describes a player that is self-centered and thinks he will always win.  To those people I'm sorry.... cause I'm going to rip off your head and use it as an ash tray if you even think about ruining our RP!


Remember that its only a game and that you should never do the things your doing  to someone IC to them OOC....that's usually not legal.  In other words. Hate the character and not the person.


Be sure and ask about a players battle system before attacking.  Trust me this saves you a lot of headaches.

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Battle System

Its really a simple system once you have tried it. We have 6 stats which we use in battle. STR (strength) DEX (Dexterity) CON (Constitution) INT (Intelligence) WIS (Wisdom) and WILL (Will Power). 

Here is a brief description of each stat and its function.

STR   -  Used to modify your damage with physical attacks
DEX   -  Used to evade an attack
CON  -  This is out HP or hit points (Vitality)
INT    -  This demonstrates how many spells you can use in a battle
WIS   -  This is used to modify your magic attack damage
WILL  -  This is used to absorb or negate a magic attack done to you

Confusing? yes.....lets move on*S*


Determining Stats

Next we have to have a furry WITH stats....this is easy. Roll 3D6, 6 times while in the presence of a bot or a high ranking official. 


Then arrange these stats to better fit your character. Meaning a mage will want to have a lot of WIS and a fighter a lot of STR. 


Example for a fighter


Results of dice roles is (15), (12), (9), (8), (13), (8)


STR:   13  
DEX:   15
CON:  12
INT:    8
WIS:   8


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Simple Combat

Next you must learn how to fight.

When making an attack (physical) a player posts his RP and then Rolls a D20. This number is then added to there STR to create their Attack rating. Then the defending player makes a dodge check by rolling his D20 and adding it to his DEX to create his dodge ratting. The two ratings are compared and the player with the higher score get the desired RP effect.

If the attacker is the victor in the die rolls he deals an amount of damage equal to the difference between the two rolls (attacker gets 29 and defender gets 12 then its 17 Damage 29-12=17) 

That is if the player is able to defend...if not then he can not dodge and takes the full for the reduction.. that's because a defender may be able to limit but not be rid of all the damage.  The defenders CON (HP) stat is reduced by the number of damage until he is at or below 0, at which time the furry is either out cold (0) or dead (-1).  Keep in mind that no one can die from sparring.

If the defender wins the roll then he must then see if he is able to make a counter attack. If the defenders dodge rating is more than 5 greater than the attacker then he dodged well enough to make a counter.

This does not mean however that the previous attacker gets no dodge check. Its just now the defenders turn to attack...if the dodge is not sufficient to make a counter then he has backed himself away. Giving the attacker another attack and the defender must again try to dodge.


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Magic Combat

Easy right? but what about WIS and WILL? for that we must now look into Magic*S*

Similar yet not the same is Magical attacks....first we start with an attack.... a mage must charge his spell. The more charges the more damage can be done. The attacking mage charges a spell lets say 3 times before casting it. he rolls the standard D20 and adds it not to his STR but to his WIS...this is his magic potency ratting. Now its time to rethink the type of spell being used. 


Direct Magic


Direct magic is magic that when cast can not be dodged. 


This is mainly Enchantment type magic.


If the spell is direct magic then the player must roll to see if he can resist the spell. He rolls a D20 and adds his WILL (D20+WILL) to get his magic resistance.


Indirect Magic


Indirect magic is a spell that a player can dodge to avoid. 


This includes magic such as lightning bolts and fire balls.


When using an indirect magic attack the defender rolls a D20 and adds their DEX, (D20+DEX) to see how well he can dodge the attack.  This reduces the damage taken just like in a physical attack.


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Damage from Magic


Again a comparison is made and the difference between the scores is the damage dealt but then we modify it because of the use of charging. The damage dealt is multiplied by its charge.  

i.e. our 3 charge fireball will do 3 times as much damage as a 1 charge.

But Remember that multiplying the damage is applied to the difference between Attack and Defense. Not to the Attack itself before defense.  

This is very similar to physical attack? Except in magic combat there are no counter attacks because it is not close combat. A mage must wait to cast and thus is not moving very fast for such a thing.


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Attacked when Charging

What happens if a mage is attacked while charging? 


The mage can dodge and still keep charging, but if the mage is attacked and his dodge rating is not at least 5 better than the attackers he loses one of his charges.


Because he did not get away so easily and his concentration was dwindled.


The same thing happens it the mage is actually struck. He receives the damage and loses a charge. because the mage wasted precious concentration moments to reduce his damage.

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This is just a basic skeleton  from, with real RP must be built upon.  The rest is pure RP. 

I don't want you to use JUST these rolls. I want you to RP. If anything is vague about this system it is because it was purposely left out. I did this because it allows more flexibility in the RP...If you happen to come up with an ingenious way of doing something with magic or other then it will be more effective then just a cheep shot. 

Example: a furry gets dumped with flammable liquid... a one charge fireball is all you need. If the reasoning is sound and the opportunity right then it should work.

Armour and Magic Protection

Is that all? we have to talk about Armour and Magic protection.  


Armour can reduce or stop damage. If you are wearing Armour then first you must make a check to see if it was success full in deflecting some if not all the damage,

Each Armour will have durability and a coverage status. The more coverage the greater the chance that you will be able to reduce damage. And the greater the durability the more damage can be reduced. The list of all the durability and coverage are included in the item list, that is or soon will be posted else were on this web site.  

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Magic Shields

Now about Magic shields. Every shield is made up of an element. Fire, Water, Air, Earth etc etc..... and every element has a weakness to another and a strength towards another.  With each reaction of elements comes an outcome.

Water Defeats fire=steam

Fire burns nature=smoke

Nature absorbs water=no reaction

Earth slows wind=dust

Wind erodes earth=dust

And so on and so forth you get the idea. Shields like magic attacks must be charged. The greater the charge the greater the defense. Example: A 1 charge Fire Shield can absorb 5 points of damage before giving way. The number of Points a shield can absorb is 5 times the charge.

Witch means the longer you charge a shield the more protection you can have. But you can not stop charging and then begin again later. Once the shield is up its up until its dispelled by the creator or all used up.

That's the basics...the rest deals with the element behind the shield.  A furry can not very well attack close combated to furry with a fire shield up now can he? This means that some shields can damage an attacking foe when he or she is attacking you. The damage dealt by these shields is equal to the charges behind them. and keep in mind any other effects that the shield may have on the furry such as decreased vision or severe heat.  

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Spells allowed per battle

What about INT? that's the simplest Stat. your INT # divided by 2 is how many spells you can use per battle. 

i.e. If you have a value of lets say: 8 for your INT, then you can cast 4 spells per battle.

This stat is primarily an RP tool.  With it you can say that your furry has a chance of guessing what spell your opponent is casting and try to dispel it. Be creative with this trait.  

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1/2 charges

It has come to my attention that mages are having a rough time. It was intended this way but it seems that I should give them a better chance in battle to be fair. Therefore I have added the option of casting 1/2 charge spells. 

This means a mage is not slowed down with charging anymore but it does reduce the amount of damage in a spell. this is because a charge is multiplied by the damage....halving the spells damage....Still this addition can be used to gain certain advantages in battle. 

Making the RP and creativity of the mage that more useful to gain a victory.

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Staggering Blows And Trip-ups

Occasionally a furry can make a hard hitting attack or attempt to trip a player.

 Success means the player has a -5 to his dodge the next round and can not counter. 

To get one of these special events you must either get 15 higher than a defenders dodge or vise versa... a defender can trip up his attacker. 

Another way to trip up a players is with magic. A sheet of ice on the ground will give him an extra round to charge a spell or cast a new one. Other ways are possible if you are creative enough to discover them. 

Remember that if the reasoning is sound and the opportunity ripe then it should work.

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Using the DEX Attack

Ok this seems to be causing some misunderstandings.

DEX which is usually for defense, can be used for attack, it is kinda bending the rules slightly, but it can be done.

How you may well ask, well here's a simple example.

If you are attacking your opponent and they roll DEX to defend but post it like an attack then you may have to defend against it.




Attacker: Carthos rolls d20+STR bringing his sword down towards his opponents 

               exposed neck and gets 30.


Defender: Vendra rolls d20+DEX slipping to the side of Carthos's blow and 

                and attempting to drive her fist into his face and gets 32.


Because her post is an attack in its self it can be counted as a DEX attack.  Though for this to work her defensive dice roll has to be higher than the attackers dice roll.


It doesn't count as a DEX attack if the defending roll is lower than the attacking roll or if the post its self isn't obviously an attack while defending.




If Vendra had got 20 defense, while Carthos has an attack of 30.  In this case we just treat it as if her attempted DEX attack didn't occur and she was defending as normal.


As we now consider Vendra to be attacking Carthos can simply defend against vendras DEX attack (32), treating it as a counter attack and using DEX to defend.


Attacker: Carthos rolls d20+DEX quickly pulling back out of reach of his opponents 

               lethal claws and gets 36.


As you can see, this was a purely defensive post and doest have any sort of attack linked to it, so it isn't considered a DEX attack.  


Carthos now end up defending as usual.


If Vendra had got 20 defense, while Carthos has an attack of 30, we would just treat it as if her attempted DEX attack didn't occur and she was defending as normal.


What if there is a draw?


When you get a draw with a DEX attack play passes to the Attacking furr as you don't count it as a DEX attack, but as a normal defense move.


(i.e. normally when defending if its a draw you don't expect to be allowed to counter as you need a 5 greater defense)


All of this may be slightly unclear so let me know if this doesn't clear up this attacks problems.


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Last but not least is the progression of experience*S*

A furry grows stronger the more he/she trains. Here is the system that allows a furry to get stronger.

First a furry must accumulate points in his EXP pool.  These are gained in a number of ways listed below, also listed are the amounts given


For winning you gain 2pts


losing gets you 1pts  


Surviving for a large amount of posts against a superior foe gets you 1pts for every 5 posts (meaning for every 5 posts he makes.   (not the total posts between you and the opponent)

For a long battle you gain 1pts for every 10 posts (same as previous)

And in the case that an original and unique move is maid a bonus of 5pts may be given if both the opponent and the player agree

Now that you have a few points lets discus how to raise your stats.  To raise your stats you need 1/2 the number of the stat you wish to enhance rounded down. Meaning if I have a 12 STR and I want to make it a 13 I would need 6pts in my pool.

But none of this is valid if you don't have someone watching. A bot will soon be set up in the arena to monitor insure I am able to locate the battle in the log file you must add a post like this:

===========Messenger Wind VS Arthen==================

That catches my attention and I know were to look...and to make it easy and ensures that I record your Pts accurately please do other posts like this:

===========MW= 10HP A=5HP=======================

(messenger wind= MW and A=Arthen)

===========Arthen made a unique move==================


===========this is my 22and post=======================


===========MW wins....32 post battle====================


===========MW was superior=========================


These kind of posts can be used to make sure I record you Points right and award you the Stat increase you deserve..

That's pretty much it.... keep in mind that this system is only for those who want to use it.  I understand that some desire such a system and some enjoy the freedom of freestyle. This is just for those who are tired of the problems that occur when Freestyling (twinkers)

Some people know how to deal with it while others desire this kind of order. Enjoy and happy Role Playing *S*

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