Sunday February 25

Today Jade Spiritwolf gave birth to a son. He was named Lance and the kingdom was happy. After giving birth she showed her great strength by defeating 3 furrys in battle that very afternoon. Disaster struck. I came by call from Knight Vetro(Jade's husband) to find some villian was putting the child and his mother in danger. I rushed in and survayed the seen. The intruder was Battleing with Vetro. I went into action. Calling on my magic and the castle to aid me in stoping this foe. It did not take long for the spell to be cast. The north wall and floor let there stones be moved to allow the current of my strong wind to force the heathin into the dungeons of my castle. Sadly the Drake as I learned from his laungedge, was a crafty one and sent his rune blade through the place between my rib cage and my pelvis. My kidney was not happy, nor my liver and all the other Innereds. Sharn did her job well in mending me. Later Vendra forbade me to exert it for a week. I can already feel my muscles wither.

Vetro and his family are fine now. The intruder is in the dungeon and I will deal with him come the morrow. This was one day to remember. 


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