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This should actually say 'about me'. I have done this site in order to pass on my knowledge about this subject to you after my daughter, Rebecca has developed both milk allergy and lactose intolerance. She also developed food allergy to many products and fruits. She is also sensitive to food preservatives, colours and additives.

Strangely, doctors (in the UK) refused to accept any of the above and when I suggested a milk free diet I received great opposition. When things where getting worse my wife and I agreed to give her a milk free diet (this was a year later). Things started to improve within days, this led us to discover other food allergies now and little by little allergies to other foods where now being detected.

After a year of strict diet, Rebecca can now digest milk every now and then, she can have a chocolate or an ice-cream without a problem. Some food remain a problem, such as the eggs, citrus fruit and coloured foods but on the whole she is now healthy and for the first time we can hear the magic words 'I am hungry' coming from her mouth!

Finally, I possess a Masters degree in Science (MSc) by the University of Westminster (London), I am an Associate in the Institute of Biomedical Scientist (UK) a registered Medical Laboratory Scientist (UK) and a registered Medical Laboratory Technologist (Malta). Presently I am undergoing training in Immunology - hoping this will help me to pass more information to you about allergies.

Thank you for visiting this website. Please continue doing so - it is a pleasure.

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