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The Korea/Korean American Gateway was created to fill a gap in continuuity among the vast diaspora of the Korean and Korean American online communities. Plenty of people have homepages, and plenty of commerical Korean portal sites exist, but there is very little connection between these groups. This is understandable, especially among the commercial portal sites, since they are often in direct cometition with each other. But that doesn't solve the need to foster an online Korean/Korean American community. Unfortunately, the resources needed to create such an online enviroment are beyond reach, and so this is the next best thing. An index, a vast collection of personal homepages and Korean cultural sites. As this site expands, I hope to offer a one stop destination, from where you can find any site relating to a Korean or Korea.
KKAG does not collect any personal information from web browsers, nor maintain a database of user information. KKAG does not purchase or sell any personal information, and we don't ask for you to give us any. Any use of KKAG web pages or resources to collect personal information about a person or organization, and any use of KKAG for commercial purposes is stirictly prohibited. The only possible exception is Yahoo!Geocities (which KKAG is hosted on), as pertaining to their privacy policy regarding visitors to personal homepages. Click on the link to view their privacy policies.
Geocities privacy policy
Yahoo!'s privacy policy
(Since they recently merged, it'll take some time before there is a comprehensive policy I suppose)
All material including but not limited to: graphics, content, formatting, Look & Feel, and concept is the intellectual property of KKAG. Copying or rebroadcast of KKAG web pages and/or their contents is prohibited without the consent of KKAG. (However, we encourage you to ask us for permission to use our material. We're very permissive.) All graphics and material that is not the original creation of KKAG is copyright of their respective owners, and may not be used without their permission.
If you'd like to help the KKAG, we're always interested. Mostly we need people to simply collect and catalog web pages and addresses. In the future we will need help with coding, but that's very far off.
If you'd like to advertise on the KKAG, you can't yet. We're strictly non-profit for now. That may change in the future though, so feel free to contact us.

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