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ROK Government Organizations
Republic of Korea
ROK Embassy to the United States
English version
ROK Embassy to the United States Korean version
A list of ROK missions to the USA In English
Korean Cultural Service A division of the NYC Korean Consulate
Clean design, but small, really like the background
Ministry of Culture and Tourism Bilingual: Korean, English
Korean Cultural Center Based in Los Angeles
Mostly information about local programs
Cultural Groups
The Mirae Foundation Parent Organization for
Kason and KIN
(Korean American Students Conference)
Not always up, also try
(Korean Intercollegiate Network)
Korean American Museum Webpage for the Korean American Museum in LA
Introduction to the Korean Alphabet A basic primer on the Korean Alphabet and language
Kimsoft's Korea WebWeekly A large collection of information on Korea
Young Korean American Network Mostly based in New York City
HalfKorean.com As the name might imply, a site dedicated to those of mixed Korean descent.
A list of homepages, a message board, etc.
Korean Adoptee Mailing List Resources for Korean adoptees
National Association of Korean Americans Based in DC, mostly on East Coast.
Seems like an embryonic PAC
Korean Recipes Archived at the University of California, Berkeley
Collected from different sources, some garbled pages
KyopoUnion.com Think AsianAvenue.com only smaller.
Igoo.com Think KyopoUnion.com with better graphics.
Korealink.com Online Community/Portal
clutterred design
Kimchinet.com Online Community/Portal
not maintained often
Koreanz.com Online Community/Portal
clutterred design
LAKorea.com A public portal by/for the LA Korean community
Search Engines/
Link Lists
Koreadirect.com A search engine and a few classifieds
small, but simple
NYKimchi.com A search engine for NYC metro area Korean sites
Mostly business listings, almost a portal
Zip!internet Search Engine
Mostly in Korean, not much to offer
InfoKorea.com Search engine, auction board
pretty limited site
The Korean PagesMuch like this site, a giant collection of Korean homepages
Network Korea A collection of Korea related links
KoreaOne.net Much like this site, with pleasantly simple layout
plus a webring
Asia Connection Much like this site, but with broader scope
Due to quicktime, one of the most annoying sites I've yet encounterred
Kool Korean Webring Webring of Korean Homepages
Korean Information and Resource Center A collection of links on all things Korean
Bilingual: English, Korean
Komerica A giant link list, kinda like this site
Clutterred design, half built in places
Commercial Sites
Z and D Magazinean online Korean American Magazine
very professional
Koream JournalOnline version of the magazine
MBC Top 50Korean site
KBS Top 20Korean site
CDKorean.comA small storefront for buying Korean CD's. A little buggy.
Korean Air (Korean Site)
Korean Air (English Site)
a little slow on the download
iKoreaPlaza.com Online grocery store, specializing in kimchi and ramen, also CD and videos
Nice quick interface, based in and serves mostly West coast
CosmoCall Korea's #1 translation service (so they claim).
Their English webpage could use some work in the translation dept., if that means anything
Korea NetWork in JapanA networking system company for Japan (?)
Korean War Info
Korean War Project Korean War info, mostly unit/personnel MIA/KIA databases
Korean War 50th Anniversary US Depertment of Defense site
Korean War Anniversary Information on the anniversary
lots of links to other sites

Sites of Distinction
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