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Welcome to the home page for the MOMS ClubŪ of Austin-SW, TX Chapter. There are several chapters in the greater metro Austin area. To find out if you live within our boundaries, visit the site our parent organization, International MOMS ClubŪ. They will give you the appropriate contact for the chapter in your area.

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What is MOMS ClubŪ?

The MOMS ClubŪ is a support group just for you, the mother at home. You are interested in the world around you, wanting a variety of activities for you and your children, and proud of your choice of at-home mothering for your family.

Our number one purpose is to form a network of support for at-home mothers. The MOMS ClubŪ is a wonderful way for you to meet other at-home moms and a fun way for your children to meet other at-home kids. The MOMS ClubŪ is not based on race, religion, or financial stability. Staying at home to raise your children is a decision you are not alone in and the MOMS ClubŪ is there to help support that decision.

As a member, you can attend as many activities as you would like, vote on important issues at the monthly meetings, and offer ideas for new activity groups. We are a volunteer-based organization, so we depend on members like you to make the club a success. MOMS ClubŪ is here to support you, so get involved, make new friends, and most importantly, have fun! 

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History of MOMS ClubŪ

Our founder, Mary B. James, started the MOMS ClubŪ  in the fall of 1983. The first local chapter was in Simi Valley, California. Word spread about the wonderful support that the MOMS ClubŪ offers at-home mothers and we became an international organization in 1985. Now we have over 1,500 chapters and over 75,000 members in eight countries.  We are the only international support group specifically for at-home mothers.

Machelle Dunlop founded MOMS ClubŪ of Austin-SW, TX in August of 2000. The first meeting at Machelle's house was a great success with 13 moms and 20 children. We grew so rapidly that in April of 2002, we split into two chapters, and then in February of 2003 and January 2004 split again! There are now separate chapters in South Austin, Circle C, Oak Hill and SW. 

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Goals of the MOMS ClubŪ:


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Principles of the MOMS ClubŪ:

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