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  • Backroads - On-line version of a regional (Maryland to Massachusetts) 'zine with roads to ride, places to go, things to see.
  • BikeNet - European magazine - Useful links, touring info
  • Canadian Biker On-Line - Useful links, info for touring among God's Frozen People in the Great White North
  • CyberCycle Magazine has a number of resources for lady riders (and for guys, too), including product reviews, links, and a calendar of upcoming m/c events.
  • Gold Wing Product Reviews has a number of resources for Wing riders (and probably others, too) - reviews are from the Gold Wing Touring Assn's magazine.
  • Motorcycle City - Another new 'e-zine for motorcyclists; not much stuff on touring (YET!).
  • Motorcycle Madness - a fun 'zine about both general touring and doin' it in the dirt. Home of Dirt Girls. Camille runs a nice 'zine - check it out!
  • Motorcycle On-Line - Useful links, info
  • Motorcycle Shopper On-Line - Shop for stuff, chat line, BBS
  • Southwest Bike Online - online 'zine with info for touring the SW USA
  • WomanMotorist has a page for motorcyclists, with some good information. Check it out!
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  • Alliance Legal Services - if you need a lawyer who knows about motorcycles because of an accident or anything else, these folks work nationwide and have an 800 number (might carry it in your wallet, mate). Just in case. Tell 'em Doc Smith sent yah (I don't get a referral fee).
  • Americade Info - Americade is a major rally, with MANY m/c vendors, rides, etc. Runs each June, usually the 1st week of the month, in upstate New York. Worth a trip!
  • American Park Network - has info about major American parks, who to call for reservations, camping info.
  • Artistic Photos - has some nice touring photos.
  • Berglund Insurance Agcy - Insurance for all motorcycles; includes "Green Card's" coverage for American-registered bikes in Europe, or American insurance for European-registered bikes in the US.
  • Biker Crossroads - this is an interactive website which says it is "the only online site for Harley Enthusiasts with a 'truly' interactive Motorcycle Map". In addition to maps, it has other information useful for touring, even if you're aren't on a Harley. Like biker bars. Yeah, right, as if you could get into one with all those Hondas and BMWs parked outside. heheheheh. Tell 'em Doc sent you.
  • Bikers Den - a great site to get touring gear, leather clothes, etc. Check it out!
  • BikeWeb - This site lists over 8,000 m/c dealers, vendors of after-market stuff, etc. If you're looking for a Panhead's carb bowl and you're stalled in a pub in Kanga, Northern Territories, Australia, you might find the right dealer with this site.
  • Biker Girl Hardware - a Port Orange, Florida company that sells riding gear and accessories for women. Tell 'em Doc Smith sent yah!
  • Blue Ridge & Smokey Mountain M/C Adventure Maps - sells laminated tank maps of the NC/TN end of the mountains; also has some useful touring information about weather, roads, etc. for the area.
  • Boot Barn - has a wide selection of m/c boots, including Harley, Dingo and other brand names.
  • California M/C Rental - a CA-based company that rents BMWs in LA, San Diego, Seattle or NY (one-way or round-trip).
  • Com-Pac-Camp - is a Canadian company which sells cargo and camping trailers for motorcycles, ATVs and cars. Up in Newfoundland, eh? Some nice-looking trailers at reasonable prices. Plus it gives you an excuse to drive up to the Great White North, eh? Tell 'em Doc sent you.
  • Campmor is a vendor of camping stuff, and has RV supplies, too.
  • Christmas Cards for Harley-Davidson Enthusiasts A unique collection of cards - check them out!
  • Country Cruisin' - a company with info about touring in West Virginia.
  • Cove's Tavern on the Green in Walker Valley, NY is a biker-friendly place to stop for some good chow. Bring your golf clubs - it's near the links!
  • Cycle Customizing - they can customize your ride for you, or provide what you need to do it yourself. Need gear to go touring, check out this site.
  • Daytona Bike Week Official Web Site - 1999 THE best damn site around for info about Bike Week (Feb/Mar 1999) - schedule, places to stay, things to do - only thing missin' is call girl numbers and bail bondsmen (JUST KIDDING - I KNOW YOU don't get into that stuff!)
  • Direct Parts, Inc. - sells parts for Harleys - useful if yer thingamabob falls off yer scoot in Virgin, Utah and you need a replacement Fed-exed to you most ricky-tick!
  • Eagle Rider - rents Harleys and organizes tours in the US (mostly out west, but other locations, too).
  • Femmegear - Motorcycle clothing, boots for women motorcyclists.
  • First Genuine Leather - a wide variety of motorcycle leathers for sale.
  • Fox Creek Leathers - offers a good variety of leathers for men and women. Especially noteworthy, they have deerskin gloves, which are beyond a shadow of a doubt the best gloves for riding you can get, and their prices are competitive with other websites. Mention Doc Smith sent you and you'll get ... well, you won't get anything, but it'll help publicize my site.
  • Freedom Trailers - has trailers for motorcycle touring - nice little popup camper.
  • Gerbings Heated Clothing - warm yer bones while yah ride yer scoot!
  • Getaway Trailers - Need a way to haul more stuff when yah go on long rides? Cargo trailers for riders.
  • Great Outdoor Recreation Pages - especially their Parks and Travel pages.
  • Helmet Law Information in US, Canada - plus m/c lawyers, other stuff for run-ins with 'John Law'.
  • HD Motorsports - a source for Harley parts, t-shirts, other stuff for you Hawg people.
  • International Riders Rights Directory.
  • J & M Corporation - Source for motorcycle audio devices - put tunes on your low rider or dresser, a cell phone, CD changer & player . . .
  • JRC Gloves - a Washington (state) company that has good m/c gloves - deerskins, no seams on the fingers! See the review of deerskin leather gloves and you'll appreciate this product & price.
  • Kompact Kamp trailers.
  • Laconia Bike Week - June Rally in New Hampster, Daytona-of-the-North!
  • Mad Maps - sells maps and information to help plan a scenic, sight-filled motorcycle (or other vehicle) tour. Special stuff for bikers. Worth a look-see.
  • Marlin's Motorcycles - This dealer has some useful accessories for touring, including hitches, sidecars, cargo trailers and other stuff. Harley-friendly site.
  • Mayer Motorcycle Saddles - custom-made saddles (Ojai, CA), a really good investment if you wanna stay on your bike all day touring this great country.
  • Mota - sells motorcycle gear for women. Also has a newsletter and rally info.
  • Motorcycle Parts Ring is a listing of 125+ websites that sell motorcycle parts & accessories. Need a thingamajig for yer Panhead, Bubba?
  • !NEW! Open Road Enterprises - is a great place to shop online for motorcycle stuff for touring or trail riding (and what are trail riders doing here!). Lots of useful stuff on this site. Check it out!
  • Peak M/C Trailers - a Finnish outfit that makes and sells trailers to haul stuff behind your bike. Nice looking, aerodynamic rigs in Europe. Tell 'em Doc Smith sent yah!
  • The Pennsylvania Motorcycle Page - if you plan to ride in/through the Keystone State, you might want to check out this site - it has lots of useful information about the state of Pennsylvania (except why they won't repair what are arguably the worst-maintained roads in the US).
  • Rand McNally's "Construction" Page - the map company updates a database of road construction projects in the US. Check it out!
  • Ride Guide - a book that lists some great riding adventures/roads - now in just the US Midwest and around the Sturgis/Black Hills area.
  • RIR Videos - these folks sell m/c repair videos to help yah fix yer bikes up and go riding. Check 'em out.
  • Roadside America is ... I don't know. All the weird crap you see alongside the highways - giant rabbits, largest ball of twine, other geek shows are covered here. Visit this site for the poop (LITERALLY) of roadside America. Wear boots!
  • Rowdy Gear - another site with touring gear for all you lady riders out there. Lotsa good stuff! Check them out and tell them Doc sent yah!
  • Smartco Express M/C Shipping - ship your bike to Sturgis, Daytona, Laconia or other rallies.
  • State Parks On-line - links to on-line information about state parks.
  • Sturgis Rally & Races, Inc. - the organizers of the August event in Sturgis, SD. Be sure to read my article in Lessons Learned for more information about this great motorcycle touring event!
  • Tail of the Dragon - your one-stop source for info about the Dragon. What's the Dragon? US 129, the most twisted road in the US and a motorcyclist's "must ride" road in the heart of the Blue Ridge. Check the site out for info, t-shirts, and other stuff, even if you don't get a chance to "tame the dragon. Tell 'em Doc sent yah!
  • Thurlow Deerskins - makes FINE deerskin leathers for riders. I've used deerskins for over 10 years (see the comments on my resources page). They'll send ya a catalog. Deerskins are GREAT for leathers, mate!
  • Top 100 M/C Sites - another compendium of m/c links.
  • Trailmaster - these folks sell trailers and other motorcycle touring & camping gear. Check 'em out.
  • Yahoo's Park's Page - this has a trove of information about national parks in the U.S. and unlike GORP, doesn't have as many pictures, so you can get the information faster. Might help you decide where to camp as you tour the U.S.

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Last updated on 1 Sept 2006.
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