Ah, So you want to join our lovely plot of e-fedness.  How splendid.  Before you join, however, there are a few golden rules (even though everything does look golden, but who's caring?).

1.  Please, for the sake of Uncle Sally, if you intend on joining, roleplay!  :-)

2.  When you roleplay, and you attack someone, if you do not have permission to win that bout, then.. don't win it, get knocked around a few times and run off like an Englishman in Braveheart.

3.  We have an interviewer, his name is Frank Williams.  He's a Pisces, and he likes to take long walks on the beach.  He often plays scrabble with some of the other wrestlers.  The announcers however, Erikson and Fredericks, do not play scrabble, nor do they interview.  I think ya get the point :)

4.  Step 1, Roleplay, Step 2, Step 3, Good results.

5.  When you are making a match for the next Revolution or pay per view, please keep in mind that the matches will be somewhat realistic.  So the Underpants gnomes will not be at ringside, nor will you be able to have a cage match encircled with inferno ropes, while every 10 seconds rats from the Black Death run through the ring.

6.  Have fun.  If your wrestler loses in a match, theres most likely a reason in the storyline for it, or maybe he lost to spite you.. hmm..

7.  When you roleplay, please try to make it easy to read for others.

Now that is out of the way, we have different ways for you to become wrestlers in this here fed of ours.  We have the No Mercy Template, located
here and if you dont have No Mercy, just send us an email Here, and we will tell you what you need.  Made up moves are welcome!  So what are you waiting for? Join!
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