Welcome to the new and improved NMW!  We are currently accepting contracts so go to the Join site and send your CAW.  We're an exclusive federation, so that means you can only send a wrestler that is not in another fed. Every week, on Saturday, we will have our show, "Saturday Night Revolution".  Also, if you aren't much for wrestling, then please drop us a line in the "Voice of the Audience" topic on the ezboard, all ideas are welcome!  So get ready to be dazzled by NMW, for it is back and here to stay!
New Millenium Wrestling 2001
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That's right, Revolution 25 is up.  No matches, but possibly the most important announcements EVER made!  Eat a Cheeto and go read it.

Down with the Slaughterhouse!  Down with UAW!  Down with pants!

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