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Drop the Crouton-v.  1.  To lower one's social standing by having them pinned by a crouton.  2.  To "lay the smack down" on someone.
Ex.-Man, he got the crouton dropped on him.

Skank-v.  1.  To walk or move from place to place in a stylish manner.  2.  To walk or move in a similar fashion in comparison to NMW's Tony Monroe.
Ex.-Look at that guy skanking towards the soda machine.

More to come...
NMW News
The only bit of news buzzing around right now is the matter of NMW's war on both the MOW Slaughterhouse and UAW.  President Winter's officially declared war recently, and has begun using his stroke as Psyclone in the SH to recruit several of their worthy roster members, and persuade them to migrate to NMW.  Winters also was able to lure UAW's Spike Moore from his home federation with a lucrative contract, one of which the details have not yet been released.