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Hi! Welcome to my 'Old Stuff' pages. I've always liked old mechanical stuff, just ask my wife why she doesn't want to take me to Greenfield Village (I mourn all the old engines and equipment that just NEED ME!). My Dad was a tool and die maker at Oldsmobile for 32 years (and 8 years at Ford before that) and his ability and love of all things mechanical rubbed off on me I guess. These pages have some pictures, history and stories of the tractors and stationary engines that I am fortunate to have. I never mind sharing them with people so I hope you enjoy what's here!

The newest of everything I have is my 1950 Farmall H tractor. I just started to collect engines in 1999 but have admired them since my dad told me about them when I was a kid. I inherited the tractors from Dad after he passed away in 1996. We used them to farm when I was growing up and 2 of the three have been in the family since they were new.

Come back once in a while and take a look as I add info and pictures. Feel free to email me with any suggestions or comments, or stories/pictures of your 'old stuff'! Down at the bottom there is some info about our family, our farm and my wife's stained glass endevours. You will also find a link to Kelly's Engine Page!

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My collection of stationary engines. Pictured is my 1926 Jaeger, 6 horsepower. Click on the picture to see more engines
Click on this picture to see my tractors. None are restored, but all run well and are used for chores around the farm. This is my 1948 Co-Op E3.
Friends old stuff! I've met a lot of folks in this hobby, see some of their engines here...
We have a neighbor that has a Sugar Shack at the back of his woods which backs up to ours. Join me for a tour of his shack where he makes maple sryup each spring.
WOW! My cousin Dan does awesome models and diaramas, see some of em here! They qualify for "old stuff" cause they're mostly models of Old Stuff! And they're mostly all from scratch too!
A little about the home place
  Diana's Stained Glass Creations
A few pictures of the family...

Links to some good sites...

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