The Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement-International


Aims & Objectives.

OISCA-INTERNATIONAL is an International Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural Advancement. It was established on a worldwide scale for the purpose of creating 
"A New Age" in which human family can live in peace and happiness. It is a non-profit International Organization having its consultative status (General ) with Economic and Social Council of United Nations  (ECOSOC-UN).

As a State Chapter, OISCA-Manipur was established in 1989 in Manipur, India.
It is also recognized by OISCA-International (Headquarters) Tokyo, Japan.
It is operating in the whole area of Manipur having its geographical area of 22,327 sq. km. with a  population of 23 lakhs. Manipur shares a 352 Km along international boundary with Myanmar (Burma).

Its use of words "Industrial and Spiritual" denotes all the productive activities of universe and mankind, the inclusion of human characters and dignity, respecting the universal law and cultivating the spirit of universal brotherhood. 



The Oisca Flag symbolize the combined elements of  heaven (blue), Fire (red), water (light blue) and earth (Yellow) that are indispensable for human life, underlined by black (universe).

Distributing Relief material from Japan Relief Clothing    Centre, Oisca International 
Oisca Manipur Chapter.





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