The Papal Claim of David Bawden
Pope Michael I

See here for the original article assessing the Bawdenite Papal Claim. The article has been updated and revised. The Bawdenite Claim Party has protested this article, and I have therefore begun to re-examine the Bawdenite Claim.

I am doing this, not out as a favour to the Bawdenites, but as part of my obligation towards our Lord, an obligation to the Truth, for as St. Peter taught, "Always be ready with a reason for the hope which is in you."

Frankly, I am predisposed towards the Bawdenite Claim for the following reasons:
  1. That it was the first attempted election to fill the Papal vacancy that obtains since the death of Pope Pius XII, therefore, this Party does not have to disprove a previous election as the necessary precondition before having attempted their own.

  2. In contrast to the two other - and significantly - subsequent attempted elections, the Bawdenites have consistently striven to provide proofs for their Papal Claim. On the contrary, the second electee, Victor von Pentz or Pope Linus II entirely ignores this obligation, while the third electee, Lucian Pulvermacher or Pope Pius XIII provides material that does not address the necessary issues: 1. The intellectual process by which they arrived at this point; 2. Why the previous election attempts were nullified and therefore disregarded.

    Worse, the former Cardinal Secretary of Lucian Pulvermacher, Gordon Bateman has conclusively proved that Lucian Pulvermacher was (and is) a contumacious heretic from long before his purported election, even from the time of his sacerdotal ordination many decades back!
I therefore provide you with these pages:
  1. Initial Letter in Response to Bawden

  2. Bawden's Response

  3. Original Article Assessing the Bawdenite Claim

  4. The Updated Article

  5. Praising the Good Parts

  6. Jean Andre Perlant's Papal Indefectibility

  7. Against Perlant's Papal Indefectibility

  8. Bawden's Letter of 25th April 2002

  9. Bawden: 30th July 2002

  10. Bawden's Pope Pius XII

  11. Reply to Bawden's Pope Pius XII

  12. Teresa Benns' Letter

  13. Reply to Teresa Benns

  14. Benns' & Bawden's Replies

  15. Reply To David Bawden

  16. Teresa Benns' Letter

  17. Reply To Benns & Bawden

  18. Letter from T. Benns

  19. Letter from David Bawden
Prakash J. Mascarenhas.