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We've listed some of our favorite rescue sites on this page; after all, other dogs should be as lucky as our dogs!checkmate photo

We've done lots of homework (and surfin') to find cocker spaniel rescue organizations all over the United States. If you know of one we've missed, email us!

Scroll down to browse.

oldies but goodiesThere's special rescue organization that we really like, I've volunteered with them for years. That's Oldies But Goodies Cocker Rescue. They've got over 100 cockers and cocker mixes looking for homes. Don't be fooled by the name: the dogs come in all colors, sizes and ages.

Oldies But Goodies Cockers operate out of northern VA and suburban Maryland. They travel with their available dogs to various super pet stores in northern Virginia and Maryland to "do shows" on Saturday afternoons. Check out their site for a detailed schedule.

 cocker spaniel adoption center

Dr. Macys and the Cocker Spaniel Adoption Center will always be very dear to our hearts, because that's where we found Checkmate.

Dr. Macys has been helping cocker spaniels in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and all over the country via the Internet for a long time now, and she's pretty darn good at it! Visit her and her homeless dogs by clicking on their logo.

 senior canine rescue society

This site, Senior Canine Rescue Society, was organized to promote the adoption of SENIOR pets. As the owner of geriatric canines, I can appreciate this effort. Jude set up links to other organizations on her pages, again all over the North American continent, who have SENIOR pets looking for homes.

If we had a page for friends, Jude would be there. She gave us so much advice on how to help Checkmate to adjust in our home and get through those confusing first few weeks. Jude passed away in early April 2006. She will be sorely missed. I'm sure there was a huge comotion at the Rainbow Bridge.

The Maryland Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Baltimore has a beautiful, creative website with tons of information about canine and feline adoptions, as well as pictures of animals currently available there for adoption. If you live in the Baltimore area or surrounds (like us), visit their page and see who's LOOKING TO COME HOME TO YOUR HOUSE!


 Alley Animals

An organization in Baltimore, MD does more than use the Internet to help homeless animals. Alley Animals actually goes out into the city streets at night looking for homeless animals and those in distress. Visit their web pages, they've done some remarkable stuff!

dog.gif Be sure to visit the Dog Rescue Workers page, this site is maintained by the webmistress for Alley Animals. She has set up a site for rescue workers who need a place to list their dogs. Some don't have sites of their own, or some of their dogs are running out of time and need more exposure to help find a home quickly. But there are all shapes and sizes of homeless pets listed there.

Partnership for Animal WelfareThe Partnership for Animal Welfare and The Animal Rescue/Adoptable Pets (Maryland/DC) Page is targeted for the Maryland Suburbs of DC and the Baltimore-Washington corridor. These pages are the work of a number of volunteers whose interest is in saving animals and placing them in good homes. The pages are not "official" pages of any of the organizations listed; rather, they have been put together by volunteers and put up on donated Web space to provide some publicity for these organizations. Contact information is provided for those who want to contact the listed organizations directly. Just about any breed/size/gender/color dog or cat is available somewhere on this collection of local web sites, as well as information about "pet adoption shows", legislation and other timely topics.


dog.gifHey! All you cocker spaniel fans in the Lone Star state! You're blessed with several cocker spaniel Rescue organizations: Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Houston, and Cocker Spaniel Rescue in Dallas

But then again, we all know about those BIG HEARTED Texans. Visit their sites and find a life-long companion.

And in Wisconsin, check out Wisconsin Cocker Rescue. Here's their mission statement as sited on their home page: The purpose of our rescue program is to act as the voice for the individual cocker, who may, for whatever reason, need an advocate to act in his or her best interest. The cocker rescue program rescues strays, abandoned, relinquished and/or impounded cocker spaniels. We provide foster care with the eventual goal of being adopted by loving families. All dogs are spayed and/or neutered before leaving rescue.

Also in Wisconsin, is Shorewood Cocker Rescue:

"The mission of Shorewood Cocker Rescue is to assist homeless cockers in finding permanent homes with responsible,
loving families. We spay or neuter all cockers prior to placement and check references on all adoptors. We make every
effort to carefully match each cocker with the right family to maximize the adoption's success."

--Carole W. Kohler, Program Coordinator


Illinois Cocker Rescue was created to rescue abandoned and homeless cocker spaniels in Illinois and there-abouts. Although they accept cockers of all ages, their primary focus is on the needs of immune-compromised and "middle-aged" cockers. They provide a foster home where these cockers are restored to health prior to adopting them out to loving, forever homes.

Their focus is on holistic healing methods and a natural diet to improve the overall health of their rescued companions. The intent is to teach prospective adopters that the health and life span of their adopted companion animal can be improved through a natural regime.

Cocker Spaniel Rescue of New England (CSRNE) is a small group of volunteers dedicated to the rescue and placement of homeless cockers in their region of the country. They operate in the northeast corner of the United States. All their adoptions are done locally (no transporting of dogs), so if you're in their part of the country, check them out.

molly's militia

Molly's mom found her in deplorable condition in a shelter (and I use the term loosely) in the South Carolina/Northern Georgia area. Finding Molly and another cocker spaniel in such environs prompted new mom and rescuer Elaine to start Molly's Militia. Elaine is going the political route, straight up the steps of the Capitol if necessary, to right injustices in our country's shelter systems. Visit their site and sign up on their mailing list -- join Molly's Militia!

Hearts United for Animals is a no-kill shelter, sanctuary and animal welfare organization dedicated to the relief of suffering. They take all dogs -- dogs who are sick or injured, dogs who have been abused, and they heal their bodies and their hearts. There has almost never been a dog they have not been able to help. Those dogs that cannot be adopted stay with them as Sanctuary Sweethearts. They will enjoy loving care for the rest of their lives at the Shelter.

They operate many innovative programs that have a track record of success and have even been honored by the Smithsonian Institute for their innovative programs! Among the programs actively conducted are the Puppy Rescue, Jet Set Dogs and the Prisoners of Greed anti-puppy mill campaign. Visit their website to learn more.

Animal rescue volunteers and shelter workers put in long, tiring hours with little thanks or credit. I want to dedicate this to them!


Rescued Hearts
by Kathleen Parsons

Taking care of Rescue dogs is something I do best.
I know because I've done it, and I've surely passed the test.

The dogs I've bathed, the food I've fed, the vacuuming I've done,
and all to watch a frightened soul sit dreaming in the sun.

My own dogs I've neglected, but I tell them every day,
that I love and cherish each of them though a new dog's come to stay.

I know they understand this, for in their eyes I see
the love that I have given them come shining back to me.

Some people think I'm crazy, some others think I'm great
but very few can understand what really is at stake.

If I can love and help a dog to find a better way,
my own life is much richer, I look forward to each day.

So now you know my secret, it's there for all to see
the love I give, the life I save, I do it all for Me.


The above poem appears on many web sites, and I don't have the author's permission to use it here, but the small amount of work I've done with some of these animals makes me realize what terrific, selfless, heros Rescue Workers really are!


One more link, courtesy of Debbie Perry (Allie Animals and the Perry Pack, et al): the Dog Rescue e-mail list exists as a support network for Rescue workers and their organizations. If you head/belong to such a group and are unaware of this site, it's definitely worth the visit.


Chow Chow Rescue has a wonderful "booklet" on their website about placing your dog. It is written for chow chow owners, but I think all breed owners could benefit from their experience. It discusses shelters, advertising, temperment testing, tells what questions to ask prospective adopters and gives and example of an adoption contract. It's a wonderful resourse to pass on to owners that call wanting to "dump" their dog. This article was adapted from "When You Can't Keep Your Chow Chow" by Karen Privitello, Lisa Hrico & Barbara Malone.


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