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Sculley, Buster, & Baby
A brief history of the business: I got my first ferret, Sculley, as a birthday present to myself in January 1997. Buster came next in spring 1997, and Baby in early 1998. All three came from a pet store (I didn't yet know about shelters). I had these guys up until fall 1998, when I moved to Boston. Because of my living situation (read: roommates) I couldn't bring these guys with me. So I found ferret-friendly homes for them. Sculley and Baby live in Minnesota with another ferret; and Buster lives in Illinois with his ferret buddy Caesar. Last I heard all three were doing very well.

Sculley was the first ferret I got. I named her after Sculley of the X-Files, and the extra "e" was intented to avoid confusion (red-head actress, sable ferret, you can see the dilemma). There was a wee bit of confusion about Sculley's sex - I was told she was a she, but later found out from a more knowledgeable vet that she was a
he. So I figured a transgendered ferret was very 90's, and still call Sculley a she.
Sculley on the hunt: The approach....
and the kill (socks everywhere - beware!)
Sleeping Sculley with some goofy looking kid
Elevator ferret
"Mom! Stop bugging me! I'm hunting socks."
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