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Patient: Doctor, I feel like a pack of cards.
Psychiatrist: I'll deal with you later.

Patient: Everyone keeps ignoring me.
Psychiatrist: Next please!

Mother: Mrs. Jokes next door has a new baby.
Daughter: What will she do with her old one?

Mother: You prayed for grandma, grandpa, and Aunt Sue. Why didn't you pray for Uncle John too?
Daughter: I didn't want to ask for too much.

Parent: I'd like a day without punishing you.
Little Mishief: You have my full permission!

Sailor: I was shipwrecked, and lived on a can of sardines for a week.
Captain: My, weren't you afraid that you'd fall off?

Student: Could I get in trouble if I didn't do something?
Teacher: Well, I don't suppose so.
Student: In that case, I didn't do my homework.

Jim: What's white, steep, and has ears?
Tara: I don't know.
Jim: A snow-covered mountain.
Tara: What about the ears?
Jim: Haven't you ever heard of mountaineers?

Camp Counselor: How did you get that horrible swelling on your nose?
Camper: I bent down to smell a brose.
Camp Counselor: There isn't a B in rose.
Camper: There was in this one!

Student: Teacher, how can I look up a word to spell in the dictionary
if I don't know how to spell the word in the first place?
Teacher: Why do they call it a Hot Water Heater? You don't need to heat hot water!

Polly: Why are you eating nickels?
Molly: Because the teacher wants to see some change in me.

Patient: Doctor, I have a problem. I can't remember anything.
Doctor: How long have you had this problem?
Patient: What problem?

Ben: Did you hear about the new dance called the elevator?
Mike: I sure didn't! What's it like?
Ben: It has no steps!

Mailman 1: A dog bit me on the leg this morning.
Mailman 2: Did you put anything on it?
Mailman 1: No, he liked it plain.

Teacher: Joey, please use the word "wagon" in a sentence.
Joey: Ok, "If I told my dog to stop wagon his tail, he would still wag on."

Teacher: Charles, please use "discount" in a sentence.
Charles: Yes, ma'am. "Does discount as a sentence?"

Teacher: Duff, please use the word "window" in a sentence.
Duff: Yes, sir, here goes: "I entered a contest but didn't window."

Teacher: What do letters B.C. mean?
Pupil: Before Calculators.

Jake: I got an anonymous letter.
John: From whom?

Lenny: May I hold your hand?
Jenny: No, it is not that heavy.

Don: I didn't know our school was haunted.
Ron: Neither did I. How did you find out?
Don: Everybody's been talking about our school spirit.

Brent: In your opinion, what is the height of stupidity?
Trent: How tall are you?

Customer: When I bought this cat, you told me he was good for mice. He doesn't go near them!
Clerk: Well, isn't that good for mice?

Customer: Hi. I'm looking for a good buy.
Salesman: Oh. Ok. Goodbye.

Billy: Do you write with your right or left hand?
Joel: My left hand.
Billy: Wrong! You write with a pencil!

Jack: Did you hear about the giant that threw up?
Jill: No, how'd you know?
Jack: It is all over town!

Pam: Is it okay to eat hotdogs with hands?
Sam: No, hotdogs don't have hands!

Joe: I was built backwards.
Mary: How?
Joe: My nose runs, and my feet smell!

Mad Professor: I have made a new invention!
Student: What does it do?
Mad Professor: It allows people to look through brick walls!
Student: What is it called?
Mad Professor: It's called a window!

Bobby: I've owned this car for 15 years and never had a wreck.
Prospective buyer: You mean you've owned this wreck for 15 years and never had a car.

Mary: Did you know they're not making pencils any longer?
Sue: Wow! Why not?
Mary: They're already long enough!

Michael: I was on tv today.
Jeremy: You're kidding! How long were you on?
Michael: Not very much. When my mom saw me she just told me to get off.

Sarah: Why were you late for your plane?
Jan: I had to say goodbye to my pets.
Sarah: But you were 2 hours late!
Jan: I have an ant farm!

George: Look, I just found a lost baseball.
Louis: How do you know it's lost?
George: Because the kids down the street are still looking for it!

Mom: What are you doing?
Bob: Washing myself, of course.
Mom: Without soap and water?
Bob: Haven't you ever heard of dry cleaning.

Teacher: Say, you can't sleep in my class.
Student: I could if you didn't talk so loud.

Teacher: Chubb, who invented the airplane that did not fly?
Chubb: The Wrong Brothers.

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