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Welcome to My Charity Store! We have all types of noveilties and items from the site including autographs, subscription to the Fred the Scissors newsletter, and more to come.?All payments are made by PayPal.
Purchase my house for an extremely low price!
My sad charity case
Charity for the lonely scissors
This is a piece somewhere around my super-fantastic house! Now you can brag about owning this one-of-a-kind item for one one-of-a-kind price!
$1.50 plus $.50 Shipping/handling
Save the dead chicken!
Suscribe to Fred's newsletter
Guestbook and Comments
Item # 5
Get paid to get customers
Contact us!
A volcanic rock from God knows where!
All payments are made by Paypal. You may buy items even without an account by putting in your credit card. To view more information about security and transactions, Click here.
This unique item actually came from a volcano somewhere on earth! Just think...good now buy this super-fantastic rock that maybe even was from Pompeii! This rock is guaranteed millions of years old!
$1.50 plus $.50 Shipping/handling
Item # 6
Autograph from a "Nothing"
Buy a one and only Nothing's autograph! Only 100 will ever be made so you better get one quick! Don't worry, just because it's from Nothing, you will get something!
$2.50 plus $.50 Shipping/handling
Item # 7
Adopt your own "Nothing"!
This sale is for the adoption of a Nothing! Nothings love to be loved and are very social creatures! Click here for more information on the adoption of a nothing! Includes adoption cirtificate and your Nothing will come in the mail! Please specify the name of your Nothing.
$7.00 plus $1.00 Shipping/handling
Item # 8
More items coming soon!