Welcome To The Pink Flamingo Sanctuary
Since the 1950's, Pink Flamingos have been regarded as a much loved status symbol... more than just yard ornaments, they have been lifted to the status as true art.  Sadly not all Pink Flamingos are as lucky as our sanctuary residents.  Some people are mean to their flamingos!  They kick them, leave them out in bad weather, or worse yet leave them out all winter, letting their lovely pink hue fade to a pasty white.  Many of our sanctuary residents were victims of dog attacks, or the cruelest- small children. Some people even *gasp* rip their legs off and lose them!  Senseless violence and cruelty must be stopped.  It is the aim of the Pink Flamingo Sanctuary to educate the public on the proper care of Pink Flamingos, as well as offer a no-kill sanctuary to those Flamingos deemed as unadoptable.  No Pink Flamingo will ever be turned away from the Sanctuary, no matter what their infirmaties are...
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Field Guide to Pink Flamingos
Some of our unadoptable Flamingos you can Sponser
Resident Flamingos in their Free Range Environment
What should you do if you see an abused Flamingo?
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All our adoptable Pink Flamingos and Sanctuary Residents are spayed and neutered, dewormed, sprayed with Armor-All sun protectant, and vaccinated against Rabies, Distemper, Pink-Foot, West Nile virus and Spotted Bill.  They have a clean bill of health before they are allowed into our free range flight areas.
Disclaimer- This site is a work of fiction.  It was created as a joke to amuse my mother, who loves pink flamingos.  There is no Sanctuary for Pink Flamingos.  Believe me- I looked!