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. . . welcome to mystical oasis farms. . .

here to see a full farm layout.

Stallion Pavillion:
Our unique stallion pavillion is pictured above and below.
The stallion barn is a large, stone facility, measuring 146' x 120' x 25'.
 It is fully insulated, and includes 22 18'x18' stalls, two wash racks, two tack rooms,
a feedroom, and an office.
here to see the layout of the stallion pavillion.


The stalls in the stallion pavilion are custom made of stone,
with wooden doors and sturdy black metal bars.
With the design, the horses are able to see each other
and to have the freedom to move about and put their
heads over the doors, but are not able to access any
of the other horses.

The other barns are similar in build on the outside--they are also stone  
and are fully insulated, but they have a slightly different layout inside.  

Broodmare & Foaling Barns:
Our two Broodmare Barns house 32 16'x16' stalls, plus an office,
feed room, tack room, and wash rack.

Our foaling barn houses 16 16'x24' stalls, plus an office,
feed room, tack room, and wash rack.

here to see the layout of the broodmare barn.

Training Barns:
There are separate training barns for each of the Mystical Oasis Farms'
racing teams. Each team has their own set of barns--a colt barn and
a filly barn, plus 1 extra barn for each team.

There are 12 training barns, all with 30 16'x16' stalls, an office,
a feed room, two tack rooms, and two wash racks.

here to see the layout of the training barns.

The stalls for the broodmare, foaling, and training barns differ slightly
from the stallion stalls, though they offer the same type of freedom
and protection.

here to see an inside shot of the stalls.

MOF has several hundred acres of rolling green pastures for our horses.
 They are split into smaller sections in order to keep no more
than four horses in any one pasture at a time.
This keeps the grass healthier, and the horses happier.
We have:
4 ten acre pastures
6 eight acre pastures
12 five acre pastures
15 three acre pastures
50 two acre pastures
50 one acre pastures
30 half acre pastures
All of our pastures are fenced with HTP fencing, which is flexible,
easier to maintain, safer, and more horse-proof than most fencing.


Breeding facilities:
We have a state-of-the-art breeding pavillion with the capabilities
of convential breedings as well as artificial insemination.
It has 6 18'x18' stalls, a teaser room, two insemination rooms, two wash racks,
two breeding rooms, and an attached indoor arena with a round pen.
Training facilities:
We have a 1 mile indoor dirt training oval as well as a regular
1 1/8 mile dirt track with an inner turf course, including a 5 post starting gate.
We are also right beside Surf 'N' Turf Park, and often train at their facilities.
which include a  1 1/4 mile dirt track with a 1 1/8 inner turf track.

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