Welcome to the land of the POM, this site had been dedicated to the legend that is Mr P Morris. This man is often seen crusing the corridors, clip book in hand, always on the prowl for the unsuspecting sixth formers. This ugly, angry old man always looks like a hedgehog just climbed out of his ass but never lets on that he likes dressing as women.
Well this is the common perception of this great man by the sixth formers that he does so truely love, this site is dedicated to getting across the true feelings of this wonderful, wonderful man.
Hey all, Phil here, you know me as the infamous POM Morris tho, well here's my site, my first venture into the world of the interweb. On this site you'll find many pages devoted to of course ME. I've knocked up this little beauty to give you little cherubs a look into the real life of us teachers. In school all you see is the harsh facades that the teaching profession forces us to wear. As you can see I'm always up for a good time (pictured left) this is me in my happy shirt, I wear this whenever i'm happy. You can see my overwhelming joy by looking at the huge smile on my face and can even see my delighting in my gleaming eyes.
Here it is, the place we have all come to know and love. I once came upon this place whilst skipping through the under growth with my dog jasper, a white rabbit ran ahead, me and jasper chased it with all our might and we saw in run down into a borrow. So i sent jasper down into the hole, but he didn't return. Many hours went by without a word, so with my love for my dog I followed his trail down into the depths of the burrow. When I finally reached the light at the end of appeared in a dark dingy room, this was the staff room of love, here I was made a king among men. I've lived here ever since, I tell you my friends it is heaven, HEAVEN.
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Disclaimer- This site has absolutly no affiliation with Bishop of Llandaff H/S and does not have any connection with Mr Morris what so ever... we just like him
I know this probably isn't legally binding or anything but its the thought that counts innit.